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Trump visits Duluth

by / June 20th, 2018 / No Comments »
Today US president Donal Trump visited Duluth. The event took place at the Amsoil Arena and was part of the rally he is currently having. Taking into account the fact that this has been a very eventful week in which the news around immigrant families being separated when reaching the country's border has taken over the media. Today the president signed an executive order regarding this, and this made the event one that I wish I would have been able to attend. Without a doubt this has been one of the most noticeable visitors Duluth has had over these last couple months.

Grandma’s Marathon

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It’s that time of the year! This weekend was the famous Grandma’s Marathon held in the usual spot; Duluth, Minnesota. This is such an awesome event that I reccomend everyone to join! Not only is there a marathon to run but also a half a marathon! Watching the marathon inspired me. I hope I can at least sign up for a half a marathon for next year. This was such a great event!

Word Cup matches in Duluth

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I was able to visit one of my cousin who is living in campus for the summer. I drove from Minneapolis to Duluth Saturday morning to spend time visit friends and watching the World Cup matches. We were able to set the games on at the lounge and order food. The lounge is big enough for several people to join in. It was a great weekend and the soccer games went well for us!

Roomate for the upcoming semester

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After having lived in Somers Hall for a year, I am now back to the apartments. My first year on campus I had the opportunity to live in a 4 bedroom apartment in Scanlon. During my second year I was an RA in Somers Hall, and for my third year in CSS I have been assigned to the Bricks. The building to which I have been assigned was going to have the floors remodeled, and I am quite intrigued to see how they end up looking like. In about two months I will start to share an apartment with another RA. This is one new change ResLife implemented in which some RAs will be living together.

Schedule Changes

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I am currently trying to figure out which classes will be the most beneficial for the full-time jobs I will be applying for in the nearby future. Other than enrolling in those courses required for my Computer Information Systems and Finance majors, I had decided to take some courses I was interested in. In a couple of years, I also see myself pursuing a masters degree and I have started to look into the requirements for the schools I would be applying to. Many of these require Math classes that I am yet to take, for that reason I think before the semester starts I will be changing some of the courses I had enrolled in.