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Spring Fever

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

With all of the warm weather recently I can bet that students are feeling the spring fever! Spring can be just as exciting as fall. Graduation for some, spring sports, sweatshirt weather, the excitement of summer break, and walks in the crisp spring air are all the things getting me excited for this spring! Along with all of these exciting things come the not so exciting spring finals. Is it to early to start preparing? Not really! I suggest finding some stress-free activities to participate in each week. I love going to yoga or cycling, lifting weights, and taking walks outside while all bundled up. Once you’re able to find a stress-free outlet you’ll be helping yourself prepare for the stressful time during finals because you will have a foundation of a wonderful practice to escape to during stressful times.

Yoga + More Yoga

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

I signed up for a variety of fitness classes. So far, I’ve made it to two kinds of yoga classes, Mindfulness Yoga and Power Yoga. I think I prefer Mindfulness Yoga because it focuses specifically on calming down and forgetting the worries of the day. It’s also at 7 so I don’t have to rush after getting back from school! Power Yoga is much more active and I found myself thinking about a million things during it. I definitely do feel sore afterward. I think I will continue both classes and add Dance Cardio to my schedule as well. I love how fitness classes are free at CSS so you never have to worry about putting $100 for trying something out. Go self care in the form of free fitness!

Evolve Duluth- YOGA

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

This past Friday, I was able to attend a Yoga session with my best friend Ally at Evolve Duluth. She goes quite frequently and our schedules finally matched up to be able to go together! It was my first time attending one of the Yoga classes at Evolve and it was a Yoga HIIT class. It consisted of: (more…)

My First Second Semeser

Friday, January 20th, 2017

This is my second semester of college total; my first spring semester, and I am very excited! This semester I am taking Dignitas, French 2, Development Through the Lifespan Psychology, Chemistry 2, and Biology of the Cell. I lucked out this semester when it comes to my schedule. One 8am class but then the rest start at 10am or later!! I’ve never had a better night’s sleep then I do now, knowing that the classes that I was advised to take and chose, allow for MORE SLEEP! Sleep is so important (and let’s be honest, it’s great!) especially when you’re involved with other things going on! For example, I participate in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus, along with the Yoga Sculpt fitness class! Working out my brain, my spirit, and my body requires a lot of energy, but I know that I will get it! I’m so thankful to my advisor for helping me make the decisions I needed to when it came to classes.


Fitness Classes

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017