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Struggling with my Classes

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

I tried to finish most of my homework right away last week when it opened up on Blackboard, so I wouldn’t have any work to do during the D.C. trip, but I just couldn’t finish some of it. I had to respond to a few of my classmates’ discussion posts and I also need to make a graphic organizer for an article I read. I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to do these, mostly because we don’t have Wi-Fi at our hotel! We only have wi-fi on our bus, but we don’t have that much time on our bus. This has really taught me a lesson on time management and communicating with my professors.

We’re Here in Washington!

Friday, July 14th, 2017

We finally arrived in DC! We got dropped off at our hotel and then headed out to the monuments. We even stopped by in front of the White House! We then walked to the Reagan building where we had dinner. There was a variety of food options, so I had a falafel pita and some balaclava! It ended up raining, so we weren’t able to explore more monuments after dinner. Tomorrow will be packed full with tourist stuff! DC is a new city to me and I’m so excited that I get to explore it with my students. 

Group Work

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

I’m not a big fan of group work and I really haven’t ever cared for it. I do like it on bigger projects because I don’t have to focus on doing all the work by myself and it makes it a lot less stressful. For me in the past group work has always been an issue, because if I’m in a group of friends group work is not a problem because we all work at the same rate we all understand how each other works so it’s been fine. But in the past when the groups have been assigned it usually works out in two ways where either I’m mostly doing the work I feel and it’s somewhat divided evenly depending on the stuff and who’s in the group but there is always been that one person is really not doing the work and the rest of us have to make up for them. Or I’ve been in groups where one person doesn’t think the rest of us is going to do the work right so they end up doing the work all themselves so I’m left feeling guilty because I would’ve done the work if I’ve been given it but for some reason the person in the group doesn’t think I’d be good at it so they do it all themselves. I somewhat like doing group work because it makes some of the work easier but it’s always been kind of rocky situations that I don’t much care for but I’ll do it when I have to.

Animal Allies Internship

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

As I was searching for summer jobs, a Spring internship sort of fell into my lap. I just completed my third week as a Marketing and Special Events Intern at Animal Allies Humane Society. Right now I am working on creating and promoting material for the Walk for Animals 25th Anniversary. This fundraiser is a big part of keeping the pets at Animal Allies healthy and happy until they find their new forever homes. The projects I am working on are pivotal to the success of the event. For example, I advertise the event on different websites, social media, and to local organizations. With the guidance of my internship advisors, I created Fundraiser Kits for the participants and some fun email content to keep them motivated to meet their fundraising goals. I love the work I do and I love how many puppies and kitties are around! It’s hard not to take one home. If you’re interested in the Walk for Animals on June 3rd, sign up at!

Resume/CV Update

Friday, January 13th, 2017

As I am working on  graduate applications, it’s time to update my resume/CV. This semester, I added my summer research project through the McNair Scholars program, my job position as a blogger and instagram handler for the college, and my Scholastica Leadership Award through Student Support Services. A CV is a little different than resume because it is longer and focused on experience most relevant to the realm of academia. My CV is about two pages in length right now but as I work on more research, create publications, and gain more work experience it will continue growing. A great resource on campus is the career services center. I sent my resume to Mary Anderson and she helped me convert it into a CV with a few format changes. In addition, I sent it to my mentor through Fuse Duluth. With input from both the academic and professional world, my CV will be ready to go for applications.