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Housing at CSS

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Now that my first year of college is coming to an end I have to think about where I will live in the fall. The College of Saint Scholastica has a two year living requirement. Your freshman year you are required to live on campus in Somers Hall (unless your parents live a certain distance from campus you’re required to live on campus). Somers Hall has dorms and suites available for freshman; dorms house 2 people and you share the bathroom (showers, sinks, etc) with the people in the same hallway as you, the suites house 4 people and the 4 of you share one bathroom and shower, but there are two sinks. For your sophomore year of college you are required to live on campus in the apartments. There are 7 apartment buildings on campus and they are broken up into two groups: the Bricks and the Back Apartment. Each apartment houses 4 people and you share a bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The apartments are very similar to the suites except in the apartments you have a kitchen. The Brick Apartments are the buildings closest to Tower Hall. There are 4 Brick Apartment Buildings: Willow, Maple, Birch, and Pine. The Back Apartments are the further away from Tower Hall; however 2 of the 3 buildings have 4 bedroom apartments instead of 2 bedroom (meaning you won’t have to share a bedroom with someone). There are 3 Back Apartments: Cedar Hall, Scanlon Hall, and Kerst Hall. There aren’t many differences between the 2 groups of apartments but I have decided that Cedar Hall is the building that suits me the best; however all of the buildings are taken care of and nice to live in, it is your personal preference.

Living in the Bricks

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Yesterday I quasi-moved in to the Birch on-campus apartment building, more commonly referred to as one of the “Bricks”. We have a group of on-campus apartments that are, of course, made of brick, hence the name. They were built in the 1970s and 80s and in previous years, tended to be for sophomores. However this upcoming year, they got rid of housing priorities for upperclassmen, so anyone can really live anywhere (in a much more detailed than just that way however). I’ve never lived in the Bricks, and honestly I never planned to. My roommate from this past year is a summer RA though, and I am staying with her until I can move in Sunday to the dorms. So here I am in Birch! Birch is a very different set up from the newer apartments, Cedar, Scanlon, and Kerst. The newer apartments are roughly a few hundred dollars more than the Bricks. The Bricks all are square shaped, versus the townhouse style look the others have got going on. If you like to grill or have a patio, the Bricks are for you! They have sliding doors opening up to balconies/patios. There are 3 floors in each building, each floor has 4 apartments. The apartments open with the kitchen, then the living room. You have access to the two bedrooms from the living room and the bathroom is in between those. I’m really digging having a patio during the summer, but I really hate the bathroom setup. In the newer apartments, we have separate shower and toilet rooms and the two sinks are outside. In the Bricks, it’s all one, homestyle bathroom. That means in the morning if one person has to go to the bathroom, you better be comfortable doing it while someone is showering and another is brushing their teeth. It’s a long bathroom with somewhat of a division between all three, but privacy is totally lacking. A shower schedule definitely would have to be set up. I’m just so excited to be in Scanlon in the fall!