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Student Government

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

As an international student, the idea of having a student government system was—at first—borderline comical, but after 4 years at CSS, I’ve gained serious appreciation for everyone involved in it. Not only do they take their roles seriously, but with the exception of a few excessive bureaucratic procedures (but alas, for them bureaucracy is part of the package in which they’re interested) they are an outstandingly efficient and effective. Every year, they oversee, manage and distribute a budget of dozens of thousands of dollars to the benefit of student clubs and organizations. And they are very professional about it, too: they have weekly internal meetings and a whole system for managing student affairs. If I didn’t know students were running it, I’d totally believe it was real adults doing the job! Certainly, it seems like a great experience for those who are interested in politics / management.