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Advisement Week

Friday, October 11th, 2019

It has begun! Advisement week for next spring is here. Today I met with my advisor. Since I am graduating in December, there was nothing related to class registration to talk about, so instead, we triple checked I have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation and chatted about my future plans. We also took the opportunity to talk about the past and learn how the other ended up here. It took sitting down with a professor I’ve come to admire a few months before graduating to realize that I have, in fact, grown quite fond of this ruthlessly cold, isolated place!

End of the Year

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

It is difficult to grasp how quickly Spring semester goes by. You are well-ingrained in your routine, the snow is still there, your professors ‘clearly exaggerate’ how quickly the semester goes by, and all of a sudden, within the span of a week, the snow clears, you are studying for your final exams, and you realize you haven’t made any arrangements to store your belongings for the summer. It has taken me three years to recognize professors are right in emphasizing how quickly this semester goes by, but I am convinced the stark weather transition that happens between late April (around freezing temperatures + snow) and Early may (40’s and no snow) is fully responsible for the psychological shock it keeps bringing. It is now (quasi-)officially summer!

“What is that green stuff?”

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Last week, while walking to class I ficticiously joked with my family (back in Spain) that Minnesotans are going crazy at the sight of a seemingly radioactive material that has been found laying beneath the (Minnesotan) floor’ (i.e. snow). Naturally, the joke is in that as far as I’m concerned, Minnesota knows only one season: Snow (I haven’t spent any Summers here in Minnesota, although I hear last summer it happened on a Wednesday). However, upon making this joke I realized that something had changed inside of me: as I was telling my family, I noticed that despite the 0 degree Celsius weather, I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt—and upon introspecting deeper, I discerned that part of the reason I was telling that joke was because I felt joyous about the nice weather. Now, there is a difference between 0 degree Celsius weather before and after winter, but I think the fact that you can consider this to be nice weather after the winter, speaks volumes to how adaptable humans are! And all of this because of a patch of grass… 

Easter Break Adventure

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

One of the perks of going to a Catholic school, is that you get an outstandingly long Easter break! This year, taking advantage of the warm weather, we went on a little camping adventure by one of Minnesota’s thousand (and something) lakes. I packed all my gear (including the tent I recently bought from Outdoor Pursuit in their last gear sale), and headed to the country side. We took the public bus, and then hiked to our camp site; it is quite convenient to have free public transportation in the Duluth area (courtesy of CSS)—we were able to just hike to our campsite from the end of the line! 


Spring, finally?!

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

The past couple days have been deceptively nice and warm! Blue skies and all that sunshine! This is a great consolation given the long winters that mark this part of the world. I have seen many hammocks strapped and a lot of students taking to study outside, populating whichever spot by the roadside or beneath the pines that has a dry patch to lie or sit on and with plenty sunshine! Yesterday, I even went for a walk early in the morning! Such bliss! As the semester only has about 3 weeks left, it is finally starting to feel like spring and soon, before we know it, it will be summer!