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Such a Busy Saturday

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

For work this past Saturday I had to watch the final football game, the championship soccer game and the women’s hockey game all at the same time and live tweet about all of them at the same time. It was a little bit of a break at first because they were all an hour apart (first starting noon, the next at one, and finally at two). So it was a little bit of a break at first to slowly ease into the chaos that it was when it got to about two o’clock. The soccer game was an amazing watch, to see the team gain the win even after dropping down to just nine players out on the field. The football game was also interesting because apparently, this was the first game in a long time that the team has ended a season with a win. The hockey game was a little hard to follow because there was no announcer our scoreboard on the live stream so I had to make some assumptions here and there when it came to the score. And the stream cut out near the end of the game so I never got to see how it all ended. But all in all, I got a lot of hour in at work and it was kind of fun to watch all the different games.

The Red Herring Lounge: Intern

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

During the spring semester of my sophomore year at CSS, I began interning for Chaperone Records, a music label ran out of The Red Herring Lounge in downtown Duluth. After becoming involved and getting to know the owner of both Chaperone and the Herring, I was offered the opportunity to become the Social Media and Marketing Intern for the Herring. It has been an incredible journey, over the past several months. Although I am not earning credit through CSS for the experience, I have gained priceless experience. I really enjoy, and greatly appreciate, what I have and get to do there. I have learned a great deal about working with others, marketing, design, promotion, concert photography, and business image, all of which are things that fall in the realm of communication: my area of study at CSS.


Social Media and Reality

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Something I have been considering lately is what effect does social media have on my daily life. I had an interesting conversation with a philosophy professor the other day on the subject and he indicated that something possibly sinister is afoot. Instant gratification, he called it. I can admit that I am one of those people who have uncontrollable impulses to open every notification I receive on my cell phone. I like to think of it as a mechanistic attachment to my person at times. Maybe one day I’ll take up a hobby in delaying the gratification I get from media and getting back in touch with nature. haha. right…

You are what you tweet!

Monday, November 11th, 2013



Is Social Media a Career?

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013