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Kunnari’s Kitchen

Friday, March 30th, 2018

I found a new restaurant in Virginia, MN called Kunnari’s Kitchen Coffee House, & Farm Market. If you find yourself headed up highway 53 north towards Virginia this is a “must-stop”. The environment is really unique with walk-up style ordering, seat yourself dining, and a farmer’s market connected to the restaurant to browse treats, veggies, and crafts. The food was fantastic! I had a caprese veggie burger with french fries and my girlfriend had an honey crisp apple salad with broccoli and cheese soup, and we both shared a maple cinnamon roll – all very fresh and filling! Oh and if you are in need of a haircut, there is a barber shop located within the building too.


Splitrock Lighthouse

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. The weather was cool, but not very windy, the trees have changed to their fall colors, and there was exploring to do. My boyfriend and I were originally planning to go to the Bayfield Apple Fest, but we found out the Apostle Island Ferry was closed for the season and decided to go somewhere closer. We have taken a few trips up the north shore, but we hadn’t been to Split Rock together yet. We had a late breakfast and then headed up to Two Harbors, exploring the little shops in the town before making a lunch a break at Betty’s Pies. Betty’s Pies is world famous for their pies, however I like them best for their vegetarian wild rice burgers. After lunch we headed to Split Rock, which was beautiful as ever. As a student, you can get a discount to get it, which gives you access to the musuem, lighthouse, and the shore. We spent some time cozied up on the rocks and hiking the trails. Our fun didn’t stop there. On the way home we also stopped at the Two Harbors lighthouse and sat and talked for an hour, then followed up with ice cream back in Duluth at the Portland Malt Shoppe. What a day well spent.

Gooseberry Falls

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Last night my roommates and I were wondering what to do because it was so nice out. We’ve done Canal Park a million times and we’re feeling up to a road trip. I suggested Gooseberry Falls and that was that! Because it’s 45 minutes away, it was a quick trip and we were there by 6. We walked around the waterfalls and explored the trails. My roommates never had been there before so it was very exciting for everyone. Barely anyone was there so it was quiet and calm. On the way back we went to the mall area and we ate at Bridgemans! I had a chicken burger with bacon and Mac and cheese and it was so delicious!

Road Trip

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

For many Scholastica students, going back home can be quite the stretch. The drives can get long, and time always passes faster when you have a car buddy. This is my first year at school that I have a car and I love every part of it. Once I dreaded finding transportation home, but now I just wonder if it’s cheaper to get gas in town or on the road.. (Hint: it’s usually smarter to fill up before you leave rather than realize you need gas forty minutes into the trip).


Circle K Conference

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

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