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Lesson Re-do

Monday, November 28th, 2016

I am currently in my field experience for Reading Methods. My first lesson I did in the classroom was observed my professor (he has to observe once this semester). In my perspective, I bombed it. I let it go too long and the kids were just distracted and didn’t understand what I was teaching. Because I felt so down about how my lesson resulted, my professor came in a second time. Today I gave my lesson in which he observed. I introduced my students to a new story in their basal reading, then used it to teach them about sequence in a story. My lesson was a minilesson instead of an extensive read aloud and lesson. I think because my first graders have such short attention spans (Because they are young), it was a much better suited lesson. It went really well and I had students engaged the whole time! Definitely a “good” teaching day.