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The People Who Inspire

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

And, so, it begins. I have officially launched my second photography project, The People Who Inspire. Throughout the journey, my goal is to dive deeper into the world of portrait photography and continue building upon my skills as a photographer. The vision I have involves morphing my passion for music/performance photography and portrait photography in a new way. I will be photographing people who have inspired me, mainly, but also those who I have seen inspire the world. There are several individuals who have agreed to work with me, they work as actors, fitness instructors, musicians, and beyond. I am planning to include a project page on my website that will be accessible to all. My hope is that The People Who Inspire will help spread the importance of following your passions and the importance of recognizing the individuality in those around us. Every human soul has something beautiful to contribute to the world, and we can all learn something from those around us if we are willing to open our minds to who they are.


I’m Going to Miss You, Sofar

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

My involvement with Sofar Sounds London will most definitely be one of my greatest memories of my time living in the UK. Sofar has become a family to me. We are a community of people who have come together with our shared passion for music, in order to bring brilliant, live music to the rest of the world. There is something truly special about music, the way it moves the world. The memories of the music and people I have met will forever have a special place in my heart. Through becoming involved, I have also been able to expand my knowledge of and skills in concert photography. I’ve made some great connections with artists and other photographers. Sofar has touched my soul immensely and has inspired my next photography project. Similarly to my project while at CSS, The Human Expression, I will be diving deeper into the world of portrait photography. This project, however, will involve focusing on capturing individuals who have inspired me as a fellow human being, someone who has left me with a feeling, passion, or motivation I will embrace as I move forward in life. Thus far, I have three shoots to sort, and I cannot wait to begin. Thank you, Sofar Sounds, for being you. I am grateful for our global music community. And, I will forever feel a part of the team.


Thanks for Sharing, Elton

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Today, I visited the Tate Modern for the first time. It is the bee’s knees, opened by the queen sixteen years ago and sharing art and photography with the global community ever since. There are plenty of exhibits there to view for free, but I made the trip across the River Thames specifically for a special photography exhibition. I paid just thirteen quid to visit The Radical Eye, a sample of photographs from the Elton John’s vast collection that lives upon the walls of his Atlanta home. The images themselves were the originals, the actual photographs framed and owned by the Elton John. I could not contain my awe. Not only did I have the chance to view some original prints, contacts, and works by world photographers, I also was in the presence of frames and images that normally live in the home of Elton John.



Friday, November 18th, 2016

I am surrounded by inspiration, constantly, here in London. I look left or I look right, and I see, hear, or feel something that brings about an exciting, creative energy within me. Just the other night, I was a part of a collaboration event between the University of Westminster’s Smoke Media and Sofar Sounds London. The evening got on like a typical Sofar show: three acts, stripped performances, beautiful music, lots of smiles and happiness, and a room full of positive energy. This Sofar, however, was one of the most inspirational I have experienced. All performers of the night were also students at the University of Westminster, studying music performance. I was honored to photograph such an awe-inspiring night. These musicians are so young, yet they have such talent, confidence, and raw beauty in what they do.


Photography Times

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

I have had many recent opportunities to capitalize on my love for photography. Through volunteering at Sofar Sounds London, I have met a lot of people and talented musicians. One of whom asked if I would be willing to do some press shots for him. I was very keen to do the shoot. We spent Thursday afternoon wandering around Deptford Bridge area in London, UK. We wrapped with a solid set of shots. Now, I just have the editing process to muddle through. I am very happy with what we came up with and created. Through this experience, I have learned and realized how easy it is to stumble upon friendships and to make connections halfway across the word. I am baffled by the amount of kind, caring, unique, talented, and special people I have met here in London. I have found great comfort in this realization.