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He’s an Actor, I’m an Actor

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

This is James. Our paths first crossed when I was encouraged by my acting professor at Regent’s to go and see Romeo and Juliet at The Rose Playhouse. He played Romeo. The energy, truth, and brilliance he brought to the stage was simply awe-inspiring. I was amazed. I was moved. I was inspired. Sure, I was utterly inspired, but I also witnessed him entrance the audience as a whole. I knew I wanted to include him in my photography project, The People Who Inspire. And, so, I could not help but reach out to his agent shortly after the showing. To my surprise, I did not receive a response from her. Instead, James replied to me personally and we arranged a meeting and a shoot. We met for tea at the BFI Southbank and chatted about his story, his past, and his journey to becoming a working actor. I learned a lot about him, and I also learned a lot from him. It is conversations and meetings like these that give me the confidence to pursue my dreams. As people, we are all tempted by our dreams, our deepest desires. Many of us settle for security and what makes us feel safe. When I meet people like James, who were not afraid to follow their dreams, I remember that I have the power to pursue mine as well. He was Romeo. He is human. He is an actor. And, I am an actor.


My New Friend Michael Brown

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

I met my new friend, Michael Brown, in Brighton, UK. He owns a small vintage-retro clothing store on Church Street. If I might say so myself, it is the cutest thing around. The name is Ivy’s, and it has been open for over a century. I walked up to the door and saw an array of clothing and things standing alone outside the door. I’m a sucker for vintage shops, so I decided I had to check it out. As soon as I showed interest in the store, a little old man came to the front and invited me in to have a look around. I saw piles of old shoes, cameras, bits, and bobs. I saw racks of vintage coats and jackets. I saw old photographs, low-light, and a bit of mess. And, I felt the chilly air blowing in from the outside.


Entranced by Our World of People

Monday, August 1st, 2016

I am amazed by the amount of connections I have made with the world already in my years. I have many friends from the United States, like myself, but my best friend is from Argentina and I have friends from the United Kingdom, Moldova, Australia, and beyond, almost all of whom I have met while at The College of St. Scholastica. I have learned so much about culture, humanity, and communication through these friendships, and I value them more than anything. My mind has been opened to the vastness of individuality that exists in our world; I have been forever entranced.


Feeling ready.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

I remember the years of middle school and high school when break never seemed long enough. While maybe it’s due to the fact that college winter breaks are much longer, I think my readiness to start up school again speaks to how awesome our college is. From the people to the atmosphere, there is nothing quite like being back at CSS. Let the final semester of college begin!