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Beach Days

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

On our day off, a co-worker and I went all around Duluth. Of course, our first stop was the beach! June has been abnormally warm, so we took advantage of that. Park Point is an (almost) one street land strip that a bunch of cute houses are on. There’s also quite a few beach access points, including one with a a lifeguard and YMCA beach house at the very end of the Point. We hung out at the beach for a few hours, grabbed some lunch, then headed over to a used bookstore. It’s awesome to get along with one of my coworkers so well, it definitely makes being in Duluth away from other friends a whole lot better!

Last Day Beach Day

Monday, September 5th, 2016

The last day of summer always has this utmost urgency within it to make sure you do something that day worthwhile. I stayed in my apartment for most of it honestly, watching Netflix and decorating my room. I was just exhausted by the time CSO was done! By 4, some of my friends chimed in to me that they wanted to go to the beach. I was, of course, ready in 2 minutes. I walked to Birch to hop in their car and off we went to Park Point! Because it was Labor Day we figured there’d be more people, but we must’ve missed the crowd. We tried going in the water, but we were number a few seconds in. We spent the rest of the time just chilling out on our towels, catching up on life. It was a pleasant ending before school, I can say I am content.

Day 4 of CSO!

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

By now, everyone’s become pretty great friends, even better, I’ve finally remembered everyone’s names! Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. Today we started off at Animal Allies and can I just say HOW CUTE ARE ANIMALS. I already volunteer there, so it was nice to see everyone getting excited about volunteering there themselves. We weeded the dog walking paths for a few hours, then we got to spend time with a puppy and a few kittens. We even got to sit down and be introduced to some newborn kittens who are just starting to open their eyes. After lunch, we went to Hartley Nature Center, which sadly is still suffering from major effects of the storm. The park is closed to the general public until it’s cleared more. One of the people who managed us there said they lost over a thousand trees! On the way in you could see tons of trees just permanently warped sideways, like when the wind had blown them in that position. We helped build an outdoor classroom for the preschool and other education groups at Hartley, so go education! We also carried wheelbarrows after wheelbarrows of gravel, then packed it down with these giant metal stamping things. The night ended off with the classic Park Point barbecue we always have, it just made me sad that this is my last year as a CSO leader.

Park Point Cookout

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Every year the 2nd year DPT students host a cookout for the 1st year DPT students shortly after summer classes begin. We rented out a pavilion down on the scenic Park Point, grilled burgers and brats, brought all sorts of dishes from appetizers to fruit salads to peanut butter rice krispy bars and had little social.  This day gives us, as 2nd year students, a chance to meet the new students, get to know them, and answer any questions they may have regarding the course content or even about life in Duluth.


Beach Day

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

My boyfriend and I decided after my Upward Bound trip, but before I headed off to California, we needed a relax day. So as soon as I came back from Upward Bound and settled in my roommates apartment, we took off to Canal. This past week has been incredibly hot all across Minnesota and Duluth was no exception. There was a massive storm Thursday morning that left most of Duluth without power and a lot wind damage.  So that of course, means A/C was lacking for most people. Everyone was down in Canal to hopefully get some shade, food, or to cool down in the water. We went to get a malt then hid under a tree’s shade for a while. It wa so hot we barely decided to actually walk back to the car. Once we got to the car, we drove to Park Point, which was packed as well. We drove all the way to the end and found a spot at the actual park. By then, it was around 7 pm. The day has finally cooled off! We took a nice dip in the lake and layed out on our blanket for a while. What a nice end to a sweaty day.