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The Big Move

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

I still haven’t heard about the apartment I applied for. However, now is the time to get a jump start on packing. I have the pleasure of renting for 11-13 months at a time, so I move a lot less than when I was on campus. The downside is that I now own a lot more things. Furniture is such a hassle. Having moved so much I have a few tips on how to get it done efficiently.


New Apartment

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Today I got to move into my new apartment! I had originally lived in Scanlon in a 4 bedroom, but due to roommate conflicts, one of my roommates and I both moved out into a new apartment together. We moved into an empty apartment in Birch, so we both still get our own room! Our friends who lived here happened to be all graduating or going to Ireland, so we found out about the awesome vacancy. I really miss my big kitchen island to make cookies on or just cook, but this is a nice change. Plus, I saved $400 this semester! Not bad whatsoever. Now it’s just going to take a little bit of decorating to make the place feel like home.

Didn’t I Just Unpack?

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

So this morning I began packing stuff up again for my summer in Duluth with Upward Bound. I’ll be living in Somers Dorms for 5 weeks as an RA/camp counselor type position for high schoolers. But back to packing; I’ve come to realize as an only child, I have way too much stuff and it’s only getting worse as I’m getting closer to becoming a teacher. I have an entire shelving area dedicated to curriculum and children’s books! These are the times that I regret living on campus another year and really wish I had my own place. Oh, how I would love to have one place with a June 1st – May 31st lease and have it renewed for a few years! I hate hauling stuff back and forth constantly moving to different housing. I literally live in one place for the school year, leave for a month, come back for a month, then move into somewhere new! When I came home originally, it was two car loads. I tried to pack very light this time, but I know I’ll be bringing ever more back home afterward. My roommate who is living in the Bricks currently kept all the kitchen stuff, but since she’s leaving in the fall I have to bring that back too! One thing I’ve learned from Duluth weather and college life is that you can never be under-prepared. So packing all this stuff might seem crazy, but those rain boots and safety pins will come in handy, I promise. Just get a few people with muscle is all I’m saying (and a big vehicle).

Moving Home

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

1 physics test, 5 hours of packing loading and cleaning, and a few good bye hugs AND I AM HOME. I told my dad it would be fine for him to not take off work and come help me pack but I seriously mregret it. Always take your parents help!!!  In the process I clunked my head a few times in my car, which made me worried at first, but then I forgot about it… Til my head started hurting hours later. You see, in March I had a concussion. My symptoms are the same from the first day. So I’m starting off summer reconcussed! Wooh! I am really happy to be home, as I’m cuddling up to my cat.


Monday, May 9th, 2016

Friday night my roommates (and future roommate) and I went to Pizza Luce to have some bonding time. After we ordered our pizza, one of my current roommates dropped the bomb on us that she is transferring schools. We were definitely confused at first and thought she had an internship. As she kept talking, we realized she was leaving in the fall. My other poor roommate started crying at our table and I was (and am) definitely in shock. She really loves Scholastica, but as an international student she got accepted into a top international marketing program and really couldn’t turn down her dream (that go-getter gah). CSS has really prepared her to get into the program, so she feels even more confident that she’s ready for it. We are super sad that she is leaving, however she’ll only be a few hours away still. We already talked out next year, going on spring break together, etc. She’ll be here this summer too, but a lot of our friends won’t be. So… I’m working on a giant group of cards signed for her and a little present from her closest friends. This is definitely not one of the things I expected for next year, but live is never predictable.