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The People Who Inspire

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

And, so, it begins. I have officially launched my second photography project, The People Who Inspire. Throughout the journey, my goal is to dive deeper into the world of portrait photography and continue building upon my skills as a photographer. The vision I have involves morphing my passion for music/performance photography and portrait photography in a new way. I will be photographing people who have inspired me, mainly, but also those who I have seen inspire the world. There are several individuals who have agreed to work with me, they work as actors, fitness instructors, musicians, and beyond. I am planning to include a project page on my website that will be accessible to all. My hope is that The People Who Inspire will help spread the importance of following your passions and the importance of recognizing the individuality in those around us. Every human soul has something beautiful to contribute to the world, and we can all learn something from those around us if we are willing to open our minds to who they are.


Opening Night

Monday, September 5th, 2016

The Human Expression is a project that is very dear to my heart, and I am honored to finally share it with my peers. The exhibit opening was last night and went better than I ever could have expected. I received a tremendous amount of help and support from my parents throughout the day, preparing and hanging my work; I would not have been able to pull it all off without them. In the evening, my closest friends and family were all there to support me at my opening reception, and I was very grateful. Now, my work will grace the walls of the Storm’s Atrium beyond my travels to London, and I only hope I can begin to inspire others to believe in themselves, honor the individuality of humankind, and appreciate their own being for what it is. We are all beautiful in our own ways, and it is time that we begin to honor that.


Progress in The Human Expression

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

I have finally made the first step in truly pulling together my Independent Photography Study for the summer. I sent my first round of portraits through to my professor for review. This first batch included just four portraits. Two from an impromptu session with my sister and two from a session with my friend Soponnie (and Mel). After receiving support from friends and family, I have twenty to thirty portrait sessions to schedule for the remainder of summer. Photography warms my heart, and I am so excited to share the experience of what I love with so many people dear to me.


The Human Expression

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

My Independent Photography Study has taken a slightly different route as the summer has progressed on. I have decided to remain exploring digital photography and expand to a focus in both portrait and concert photography. My expectations have been surpassed already. I reached out to my circle of friends via Facebook yesterday, explaining that I was looking for volunteers to include in my portrait photography study, titled The Human Expression. I have had over twenty people express interest in letting me photograph them. I am happily overwhelmed by the amount of support I received thus far, and I cannot wait to see the project develop. Long live the photography minor.


‘Long Live the Photography Minor’

Monday, June 6th, 2016

The Photography Minor lives on at The College of St. Scholastica. The art of freezing a moment in time is one that most people do not realize they take for granted. Pointing a camera, pressing a button, and seeing a picture immediately, is not a luxury that has always existed. Although it is hard to imagine, there was a great amount of time before that luxury was even made possible. The Photography Minor has taught me a greater appreciation for both photography in general and my passion for it. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to learn so much about photography from one professor, Edward Smith. Through the learning of the technicalities of both film and digital photography, I have been able to craft and develop my own goals and visions within photography. ‘Long live the Photography Minor!’