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MICS 2019!

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

I will be on the road again this weekend! I am attending my fourth and final Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium (MICS) at North Dakota State University! I will be presenting my research with Dr. Gibbons and participating in the programming competition. This will be the first time I participate in the MICS programming competition. The first and second time I attended MICS, I participated in the Robotics competition. The third time, I presented a research project I worked on with Dr. Gibbons. I am looking forward to representing CSS and learning about various projects other students and faculty are working on across the Midwest.

MICS Papers Available!!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Earlier this month, I presented a couple of my projects at the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium held at CSS from 6-7 April. Last week, I found out that the papers published and posters presented were now available for viewing!! These can be found at the MICS 2018 website ( A team from CSS that participated in the Robotics Competition that was part of the proceedings scored 2nd place and won some prizes and got certificates! I have been part of the MICS for 3 consecutive sessions and look forward to the next session!

Presenting at the MICS Conference!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Last week, on Friday and Saturday, I gave two separate presentations on a couple projects that I have been working on, at the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium held at CSS. About 250 students and faculty from universities across the Midwest attended and participated in various events such as a mini career fair, programming competition, robotics competition, poster presentations, and classroom presentations. I gave a poster presentation on Friday and  a classroom presentation on Saturday.