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Video Observed Lesson

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

As an Education major, I have to record several of my lessons throughout the years. Especially for the edTPA, which is this huge project done during student teaching to earn my license. In Science Methods, I had to video tape one of my lessons. I still have the video and it is absolutely hilarious; imagine students walking around to get materials then stopping in front of my laptop to start rapping! Today I did another recorded lesson. I first had to make parents aware I would be video taping the lesson, giving them the option to sign a permission slip for it or not. I was missing 17 out of 27 slips when I came in to teach today, so most of my students had to go sit back at their desks, unlike normally where they would sit on the carpet for full instruction. My lesson involved rereading¬†“How Animals Communicate”.¬†We then got our detective skills out and imaginary magnifying glasses looking for details to answer questions beginning with Who, What, Where, Why, and How. I accidentally went over like 10 minutes in time, however my C.T. thought I did well! Now my goal for next time is just time management.