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London Theatre

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Monday night, I had the opportunity to see the production Mary Stuart at the Almeida Theatre in London. It was brilliantly done. The show began with a coin toss that decided which role the two leading women would play for the evening, either Elizabeth I or Mary Stuart. The amount of effort, work, and talent necessary to learn two roles and play either at the toss of a coin baffled me. I was so immensely inspired by this aspect of the show. I saw Juliet Stevenson as Mary Stuart, and Lia Williams as Elizabeth I. Both women offered strong performances, and I learned a lot from watching them. The rest of the cast was solid as well; I learned something from each and every actor in the production. Aside from the outstanding production, I was fascinated by the theatre itself. I really fancied it. The location hides on a side street in Islington, and the entrance offers a modern taste. Bright white walls contrast the old, brick walls of the theatre itself. It was fresh and welcoming. It was a place I wanted to be a part of, a place I dream of performing in someday. How lucky am I to live in a place that gives me the chance to see great theatre every single night if I wish?


City of a Difference

Monday, November 21st, 2016

There are a load of differences, city to city. I have just returned from a weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. It was brilliant. The city was filled with bold colored buildings, friendly people, intriguing cafes, and excellent sights. I am beginning to appreciate even more deeply the individual culture that exists in our world. While Stockholm had some extraordinary photography opportunities, London still holds my heart. Each city I have spent time in offers a piece of itself that will stick with me forever. In London, I feel like everyone is ready for business, ready to get things done, and ready to dive in to whatever lies ahead. In Stockholm, I felt a sense of easiness, a sense of calm, and a draw for me to come back. I will visit Sweden again someday. I was very moved by the Swedish language and the ability of nearly every citizen to switch back and forth between Swedish and English with ease. I hope and plan to become a Swedish speaker one day. I even bought John Green’s The Fault in our Stars in Swedish to begin perusing the words and vocabulary. In a sense, I see an opportunity to compare my draws to Sweden and England to my roots in Minnesota. There is a special vibe unique to Minnesota, and that will always be a part of me. These cities, all in their own, will never leave my soul to rest.


London Advertisements

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

I am fascinated by some of the advertisements I get to stumble upon in London. Most of them have to do with big brand companies, mainly in fashion. Some, however, show the public the fascinating things happening in and around London. For example: this morning on the tube, I saw the below advertisement. The imagery caught my attention immediately. The way the white text stood out against the powerful image led me to read the entire poster. I think I will be making my way to the Tate Modern to check out the collection that is being advertised. In the midst of seeing the poster, thinking about it, and deciding to blog about it, I found myself relating all of my thoughts back to what I have learned through my study of media at The College of St. Scholastica. It was truly incredible how the marketing techniques grabbed my attention with such great gusto. I am inspired to revisit and explore the media. There is so much to learn.


I Went to the Theatre, Again

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Yesterday, the opportunity to go to the theatre fell into my lap. My professor in Acting Studio mentioned she had an extra ticket to see The Hotel Cerise at Stratford East. The script was based upon an Anton Chekhov work, The Cherry Orchard. I enjoyed the show and had a lovely time. As an actor, you can learn an incredible amount from watching others perform. I tried to watch the show through this lens. I think I took away a lot from this. I paid close attention to the moments of deep emotion, watching what the actors did with their bodies, faces, and spaces on the stage. I also paid a lot of attention to voice, diction, and volume. I cannot wait to take what I have learned and digested into my next class meeting. I look forward to applying what I have learned to the scene I am working from Twelfth Night.


The Looks of England

Friday, November 4th, 2016

I am in awe of the architecture here in England. It is like nothing I have ever seen or stumbled upon before. The old buildings from earlier on wind together beautifully with the modern ones. I love how each city has an individual look amongst the structures. As a photographer, I tend to gravitate towards shooting images of people, things, or moments that interest me. Lately, I have been noticing an array of architectural and geometrical shots showing up in my camera. I believe the style of the images I am taking have to do with my deep curiosity in regards to the architecture here. I catch myself wondering who might have lived there in times past, thinking about how long a structure has been standing, or admiring the beauty of it all. The looks of England are simply awe-inspiring, worthy of a second look and thought.