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Visit to the Superior Water Treatment Plant!

Monday, May 7th, 2018

Earlier today, my Honors class visited a water treatment facility in Superior! We were hosted by the facility’s Water Resources Specialist, Andrea C., who went on to lead us on a tour around the facility. I learned a great deal about how stormwater and wastewater is handled and treated, before being released into Lake Superior. Going through each of the processes involved in the treatment cycle gave me an appreciation of the role and work that the facility does on a daily basis.

Climate Change Specialist visits CSS!

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Yesterday, in my Honors class – “Politics of Science in the US”, we were graced by Tansey Smith, the Climate Change Specialist at the Duluth-based 1854 Treaty Authority! This was the last guest lecture in a series of five that we have had this semester. Tansey spoke widely on various issues surrounding policies and projects designed and being implemented in Minnesota to curb climate change effects. We also got to ask questions about the work being done and the outlook of climate change in Minnesota in the next few years. For good or for worse, temperatures are projected to increase as well as precipitation, affecting many species that relied on the cooler (cold) Minnesotan clime for survival such as moose.


Shawn Otto Visits CSS!

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Earlier this morning, Shawn Otto, a science advocate and novelist known for co-founding ScienceDebate.Org joined my Politics of Science in the US class! We have been reading his book, “The War on Science” since the semester began. During our class session, Otto answered questions on the text and shared his opinion on various issues surrounding science and public policy. He will be giving a public lecture later today and have lunch with a few students on campus. His visit is sponsored by the Honors Program and the School of Science.

Class Visit to UW Superior

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Today, my Honors 2777 Class (Politics of Science in the US) crossed the bridge and paid a visit to Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza’s lab at UW Superior. Our professor, Dr. Maki, organized the trip as part of our current focus on environmental chemistry. Dr. Mendoza is an expert in the field and we were fortunate to spend time learning from her and discussing common environmental issues affecting the Greater Lakes area. We will be discussing this visit on Wednesday and share what we learned as well as draft a way forward.

Spring Registration …

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Excited to say I have registered for Spring semester classes this evening! I had meetings with my advisor last week and decided to take 3 Computer Info Systems classes, 1 Math class, and an Honors class. This way I will be left with only 1 CIS class to complete my major requirements and 3 Math classes to complete my Math major! Lots of planning ahead but I am excited about the progress I have made so far. I am in the Honors program and have to complete 3 more Honors classes to fulfill requirements. I am hoping to have these classes cover my general education requirements!