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Missed an Assignment?

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Have you missed an assignment or are you about to due to sickness or an emergency? Sometimes you wonder how you should go about telling your professor. I’m here to help! I’ve been through this a lot because I have a chronic condition, and freshmen year I had the classic freshmen illnesses that may get you too! Coming to a new school means you are exposed to lots of new people, new germs, new bacteria, and new stresses on the body! It’s common to catch a simple cold your first year at school. Although a common cold will not keep you from class sometimes more serious illness like Mono or the Flu can keep you from making it to class. The first thing you should do is email or call your professor as soon as possible! It’s beneficial to get a note from the nurse as well. Professors are usually understanding if you let them know ahead of time and send them a professional and sincere email detailing what’s going on. Never be afraid to contact the professors, at CSS the professors truly are there to help you succeed. My next advice would be to do what you can, when you can, and submit your missed work as soon as possible when you are able! Drink lots of water, get proper sleep, and make sure to be washing your hands, bedding, and dorm surfaces often! 

A Day in Canal

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

​After being downtown to work on the mural, I decided today was too nice to not go to Canal. So I did! All by myself. It was nice to be near the water. I found myself liking being alone because I could walk at my own pace, make my own plans… It was awesome. So I walked the Canal Park strip of the Lakewalk then settled into Caribou for an evening of homework. Canal Caribou was a nice surprise too, given that they’ve redesigned the seating areas since I’ve been here last.

Deans List

Friday, December 30th, 2016

All of the grades were posted today for the Fall Semester and I’m super excited that I met my goal of a 4.0. This will be my second time on the Deans List and my first time with all A’s. The transition from high school to college level learning was a tough one but with the help of Student Support Services, my Professors, study buddies, and my change in major I am doing great. All of my classes this semester are towards my English major and standing as an Honors student with the exception of the Bella Voce Women’s Choir which I take for a scholarship and because it’s amazing. I’m hoping I can repeat this feat next semester as well so I can graduate as a Websters Scholar! 

Reading Alice Munro

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

In my Creative Writing: Working with Form course, we have been asked to study a mentor’s writing. I chose Alice Munro, a Canadian short story writer born in the early 20th century. Her work is truly magical, and I have found a lot of inspiration through reading her stories. We are actually quite similar as writers, in the sense of plot and style. She likes to write about people, relationships, and life. She carries her characters through the pages with grace, letting them interact with others and finding ways for them to learn and be effected by the world around them. I also like to write about people, but I tend to focus on their internal battles. Through reading multiple stories of hers, I have found a deeper, more personal understanding of her writing. I have also gained a greater understanding of the short story as a form. I am very keen on developing my current work and observing where my writing progresses as my days go on.


Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Last Spring I took a creative writing poetry class for one reason: I hated poetry. It may seem counter-intuitive to sign up for a class on something I dislike, however, I was convinced that if I learned more about poetry and practiced it more I would learn to like it. I was right.