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Invited Talk: Political Philosophy

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

What is justice? That is the question that Dr. Kelly presented today during her talk. First, she talked during Dr. Dressel’s Political Philosophy class, and later in the day she gave a formal lecture in the Mitchel Auditorium. Most of us would agree that justice is fairness carried to practice, but not many of us know what true justice is, and fewer of us are able to practice it. We are tied by our human nature, and it is difficult to disentangle personal benefit from objective wrongdoing. I find that when people think of philosophy, they fear ending up with questions broader than those they started with (is there such a thing as objective wrongdoing?), but Dr. Kelly tackled the problem in a surprisingly practical (albeit naturally abstracted) fashion: punitive action per se is not beneficial to society, so why should we engage in it? She maintains that we should adopt a more reformative perspective, and I agree!