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“I open at the close”

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

You know it has been a rough week when I start thinking about good ole Harry Potter and his experience with the Resurrection Stone. For some reason, Dumbledore’s hint “I open at the close” came to my mind as I was thinking how tomorrow marks the close of yet another year of academic rigor and challenges, and the start (eh, open?) of something new.


2 done, 2 more to go!

Monday, May 7th, 2018

This past week, I had a lot on my plate with a number of presentations, a final quiz, and some papers to submit. With all that out of the way, I was able to reduce my class load to only 2 classes and I am excited to have completed all the requirements for half of my classes. This week, I have another exam and a paper to submit before I can officially say, I am done! I will be studying hard over the next couple days in preparation and wrapping up the semester!

Math Party + Final

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Today, I got done with the last of my finals!! This was for my Abstract Algebra class, taught by Dr. Ren. We only had to do a group discussion and present our findings. One of the best parts was that Dr. Ren brought lots of food (orange juice, bagels, and other snacks) and another student brought a box of donuts! What a nice way to end the semester and finals!!

Sushi Final

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

For finals in my information systems computer science class we got together and learned how to make sushi and it was so much fun. Now I’m not a huge sushi fan because I don’t like fish all that much so I went and made a whole bunch of veggie rolls for myself. It was a really interesting and fun time and the sushi ended up tasting really great so I’m happy about that.


Kicking off Finals Week

Monday, December 18th, 2017

It is hard to accept that all my labors for the past 15 weeks have culminated in one week of exams, projects, and presentations. While it may seem 15 weeks was a long enough time to prepare for this one last week, the playing field is not always level as there many obstructions and activities that often demanded more time and commitment that could have better if left for studying. Nonetheless, I have already completed most of my finals and only have a project to turn in tomorrow, one exam, and a presentation on Thursday. To help ease the transition into finals week, ResLife hosted a Late Night Breakfast in GDR last evening and in Cedar Hall, there was ice cream, root beer, and other sugar-coated treats.