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Harvest of Literature

Monday, October 31st, 2016

The elementary school I work at/have field experience at does not celebrate Halloween. Instead, they celebrate the Harvest of Literature… so books! Everyone is allowed to come to school dressed as their favorite book character. Each classroom spends the whole day reading books, because we invite parents to come in to read (dressed up as their favorite book character as well of course!). I was Ms. Frizzle and brought a Magic School Bus book. Although I didn’t get to read to the kids, they loved my costume! I got to attend field experience as well as work today, so it was a long day of costumes and orange hair. Most teachers are saying the next two days will be crazy because of the aftermath of sugar highs. If there are anywhere close to as hyper as they were after school, I’m scared!

First Reading Lesson

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Monday I taught my first lesson in my 1st grade classroom. I thought I had everything together and then… I just bombed it. My lesson was thoroughly planned, but when I got there, started it, heard the students have completely incorrect answers to my first pre-assessment question… I freaked. I was teaching key details to my students, so when my students were unable to tell me what a main idea was, after covering it for a few weeks with my CT, I got really thrown off. I think I just became nervous because in addition to this, my professor was also observing my lesson. The students didn’t really understand my lesson, but thankfully there weren’t any behavior issues or things like that going on too. I’ve talked to my professor about it and I’m actually being scheduled for another observation because we think it was just really a fluke day. I have another lesson I’m already teaching next Monday, so I am working ahead and confident that it will go better.

Field Experience Class

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

For my field experience class, my professor is a retired Duluth school district principal. He’s an adjunct professor for this semester, so he’s been out in the field more than he has been in the college classroom. Which kind of has an advantage! We have not been using a textbook, but have had plently of discussions, which makes me feel a lot more prepared for real world situations. In class today, we did “Knee to Knee” which is where we do scenario situation discussions. We sit with one person across from us and then another person sits next to us. We draw different scenarios out of a bag, then figure out what to do. One acts as a teacher, one as a student, and another acts as a mediator/perspective of the parent. Each situation was really unique but totally realistic, but I hadn’t thought before what I would do with them. My professor brings a lot of his real world experience into the class and I feel like I have been learning more this was, it’s almost like a Constructivist setting.

Special Needs/Inclusion Field Placement

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

I finally have my placement for my Special Needs field experience! There was a bit of delay because the person in charge of placements quit a few weeks before school started, so most placements (unless they were done the previous year, like my student teaching one) were backed up a few weeks. I am at the same school for both my Reading Methods and Special Needs placements, so that is a big sigh of relief. Special Needs and Inclusion is a course that all Education majors have to take. It covers many topics surrounding and within the Special Education field. We learn about IEPs, 504s, the ADA, and so much more. So far it’s been a lot of decoding the terminology of a lot of things before we can really dive into the material. During PSEO I took this class as well but it didn’t transfer in, given that CSS does not accept higher level curses within your major requirements from other schools. When I had my placement before, I was in a middle school setting working with EBD students. I am kind of happy that I have to retake the course because this time I am with a speech therapist instead in an elementary setting, so it really puts a twist on things.  I have already talked to my CT and I’m starting next week!

Work Study Off-Campus

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Wednesday was not only the start of field experience for me, but it was also the first day of work. I work at an off-campus work study site, K.E.Y. Zone. This programs is ran by the YMCA as an after-school program at many elementary schools in Duluth. My job is to help supervisor, tutor, and support the students in the program. We provide them snacks, organize clubs, supervise and interact during free time, etc. This has probably been one of the best jobs I have had, simply because I have so much experience from working with kids 10+ hours a week, versus only 2-4 if I was just doing field experience. I get to know kids on a whole other level with these extra hours put in. Anyway, back to my first day! It was very hectic given it was the first day of school and my boss just recently left for a teaching position, not to mention we were understaffed. Surprisingly, I still managed to have fun while running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It feels nice to be considered “good” enough to have my current responsibilities, but at the same time it can be stressful.