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Day 3 of Student Teaching

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Today was a little bit different in student teaching because my CT was back in the classroom while I was teaching! I don’t know if the students just finally got the hang of the week and settled down or it was the regular authority figure in the room, but they behaved wonderfully today! We ¬†started our lessons on time and only needed to skip one 5-minute mini-lesson. The school had a talent show today during school, so we took the class down to watch it! It was fun to see some of my students up there, plus some of the kids I know from KEY Zone. I stayed at school afterward and I corrected and sorted homework for about 2 hours! Now I really understand how teachers and professors feel when they receive projects and papers. If you haven’t thanked a teacher for all they do, thank them now!

Day 2 of Student Teaching

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Today was the second day of student teaching. I thought I felt exhausted yesterday, but today I’m even more tired. Today my CT was gone during the morning as well, so I taught Reading again. Today went a little more rough than yesterday due to some behavioral issues from some kids, but luckily I had a substitute teacher to help me micro-manage them. After school, I stayed for almost two hours. First my CT and I attended a PLC meeting (Professional learning meeting essentially). That was my first time at that, which was cool. I also met the other 1st grade student teacher today, odd enough we have the same names! After the PLC I went back to the classroom and sorted all the play coins I had earlier, back into their original sorted bags. I didn’t fathom how much prep there was every single afternoon! After all that, I ran to my student teaching seminar at CSS. Most Wednesday nights us student teachers, K-12, meet and discuss what’s working and what’s not. We also work on the edTPA together. Here’s to a 9 pm bedtime tonight if I’m lucky!

First Day of Student Teaching

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Today was my very first day of student teaching! I woke up bright and early at 5 am *eek* and got to my elementary school at 6:30. My cooperating teacher is an early bird and wanted me there when she got there, so we could go over lessons because…. I had to teach all of Reading today! Normally student teachers observe the class for a week, pick up a subject, then gradually pick up other subjects. Because I was in her classroom all of last semester for Reading Methods, plus my CT had a sub all morning, she thought it was best for me to start right away! I was very nervous beforehand, but surprisingly the morning went pretty easy. The kids were extremely chatty today, but I felt the lessons went well overall. Now I just have to get used to getting up so early!

Lesson Re-do

Monday, November 28th, 2016

I am currently in my field experience for Reading Methods. My first lesson I did in the classroom was observed my professor (he has to observe once this semester). In my perspective, I bombed it. I let it go too long and the kids were just distracted and didn’t understand what I was teaching. Because I felt so down about how my lesson resulted, my professor came in a second time. Today I gave my lesson in which he observed. I introduced my students to a new story in their basal reading, then used it to teach them about sequence in a story. My lesson was a minilesson instead of an extensive read aloud and lesson. I think because my first graders have such short attention spans (Because they are young), it was a much better suited lesson. It went really well and I had students engaged the whole time! Definitely a “good” teaching day.

Video Observed Lesson

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

As an Education major, I have to record several of my lessons throughout the years. Especially for the edTPA, which is this huge project done during student teaching to earn my license. In Science Methods, I had to video tape one of my lessons. I still have the video and it is absolutely hilarious; imagine students walking around to get materials then stopping in front of my laptop to start rapping! Today I did another recorded lesson. I first had to make parents aware I would be video taping the lesson, giving them the option to sign a permission slip for it or not. I was missing 17 out of 27 slips when I came in to teach today, so most of my students had to go sit back at their desks, unlike normally where they would sit on the carpet for full instruction. My lesson involved rereading¬†“How Animals Communicate”.¬†We then got our detective skills out and imaginary magnifying glasses looking for details to answer questions beginning with Who, What, Where, Why, and How. I accidentally went over like 10 minutes in time, however my C.T. thought I did well! Now my goal for next time is just time management.