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Animal Tracking – Field Biology

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Yesterday, in my field biology class, we learnt how to identify and classify animal tracks. The snow was melting, so it was not ideal conditions, but we still managed to identify footprints belonging to several deer, one raccoon and a few squirrels! To practice our GPS skills and in preparation for our final presentation for the class, which will consist on a thorough overview of our site, we marked the specific locations in which we saw the footprints in our GPS  unit. It was quite fun to go on a walk after all our pre-thanksgiving break exams!


GPS Treasure Hunt 2

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Today was the actual GPS Treasure Hunt itself! After a whole lesson in which we planted clues through our respective sites, my field biology peers and I went on a treasure hunt. It was quite easy to follow the GPS coordinates, but it certainly became more interesting when the coordinates were wrong. In the end, we all got some free chocolate and a nice walk out of it! A fun class indeed. 


GPS and Field Biology

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

During yesterday’s Field Biology class, we went out to our field sites and marked the more significant locations in a GPS. We are writing a scientific report detailing our field work, and the coordinates of every trap, camera and sampling site is of relevance to the study. Additionally, in marking these locations, we got experience working a GPS unit, which in addition of being fun, I’m sure will come in handy in future backpacking trips! 


Trap Setting

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

As part of our Mammalian section in Field Biology, we are setting up traps and cameras in the woods on campus. The goal is to sample the mammalian population to get an idea of what species and number of individuals per species roam this habitat. To do so, the class has divided up into two groups that are responsible for two different sections. Our section set up two cameras and eleven traps, and divided up the work of regularly checking both. Today Friday, it was my job to set up and check the traps every couple of hours. Inside them, we have left enough foliage for whatever we capture  to stay warm, and enough food for it to survive a couple of hours. Our goal is simply to note the frequency of each species we capture before releasing them, so we don’t want them to die in the cold!  


Plant Picking

Sunday, September 29th, 2019

Field biology is full of fun activities. Sure, we get a lot of homework assignments, but I can’t even complain when most of them involve being outdoors and collecting insects, watching birds, or in this case, picking plants. We are done with the entomology section, and now we are starting a botany section. The first assignment consisted on collecting 10 different plants of at least 5 different orders, and creating a dichotomous key to identify all of them. It is certainly nice when your homework requires you to be outside!