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Enger Park and Enger Tower

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Hi all! If you have not been to Duluth before and is wondering whatyou could visit, consider going to Enger Park and Enger Tower. The park is beautiful, full of different flowers of all colors and trees. I would suggest going to Enger Tower. The tower posseses a spiral staircase that goes to the top. From there you can see the whole city of Duluth from all four cardinal points. There are multiple pairs of binoculars to improve the experience. This picture shows Enger tower from the outside. The other picture shows in Enger Park: the Peace Bell. It’s an American-Japanese gift from Duluth’s city sister Ohara-Isumi. It has a incredible view on Duluth as well and is a beautiful piece of architecture. It’s vey common to see weddings happenning there.  Those two places are places visited often by the saints at Saint-Scholastica. It’s a must see in this city!


Glensheen Spooktacular

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

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