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What is it like to be a Psychology TA?

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

As a Psychology Teacher’s Assistant, I get to do many of the menial tasks professors don’t have time to do. Usually this involves grading homework assignments, quizzes and exams. Usually we only grade multiple choice type questions, but as we build rapport with the professors, they also have us grade short answers and do other miscellaneous tasks. The tasks you get depend primarily on the professor you work for, and so does the schedule: some prefer that you meet with them weekly to work through the assignments they’ve been compiling, while others will call on you as they need it. Overall, though, it is a pleasant, flexible job I’d recommend to anyone who is interested in building their resume for a psych-related grad school, or any teaching positions!

Online Chemistry Exam

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Today we were supposed to have our fifth chemistry exam. Usually, we do them in class, but this week, our professor was unavailable. This meant we got to take our exam online! To be fair, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, yes, online exams means open book, and people generally get quite excited about this, but the truth is that professors count on this, so it only makes sense that exams will be proportionately harder. Knowing that people are overconfident in open-book exams made me wary, but it was all for nothing: there were some complex questions, but none of them were quite reasonable. In class I tend to finish these exams about within 50 minutes, and with the online version it was no different. Something interesting to notice is that I ended up relying much less on my knowledge and double-checking everything. It only feels logical to do so, but I can’t help but feel that normal exams are a more effective exercise!

Thanks for Sharing, Elton

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Today, I visited the Tate Modern for the first time. It is the bee’s knees, opened by the queen sixteen years ago and sharing art and photography with the global community ever since. There are plenty of exhibits there to view for free, but I made the trip across the River Thames specifically for a special photography exhibition. I paid just thirteen quid to visit The Radical Eye, a sample of photographs from the Elton John’s vast collection that lives upon the walls of his Atlanta home. The images themselves were the originals, the actual photographs framed and owned by the Elton John. I could not contain my awe. Not only did I have the chance to view some original prints, contacts, and works by world photographers, I also was in the presence of frames and images that normally live in the home of Elton John.


My New Friend Michael Brown

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

I met my new friend, Michael Brown, in Brighton, UK. He owns a small vintage-retro clothing store on Church Street. If I might say so myself, it is the cutest thing around. The name is Ivy’s, and it has been open for over a century. I walked up to the door and saw an array of clothing and things standing alone outside the door. I’m a sucker for vintage shops, so I decided I had to check it out. As soon as I showed interest in the store, a little old man came to the front and invited me in to have a look around. I saw piles of old shoes, cameras, bits, and bobs. I saw racks of vintage coats and jackets. I saw old photographs, low-light, and a bit of mess. And, I felt the chilly air blowing in from the outside.


This World is Human

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

There is something truly special about wandering the world. The amount of knowledge, perspective, and acceptance you gain is simply hard to fathom. It is infinite. I already feel changed. I have met people from many different countries, carried out conversations with them, and been shown what it means to be human. We are all one. We are all special. And, we all have something to give to this world. My study abroad experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. This journey has surpassed all of my beliefs and expectations. I am fully moved by this experience. I am forever changed. I am forever connected to the furthest corners of the world, with friends from New Zealand, Holland, Sweden, and beyond. And, I am forever filled with wanderlust, a need for diversity, and a desire to continue opening my mind to the wide world of difference around me. What I have realized, is that no matter how different, how odd, or how quirky we are as individuals or as an entire culture, in the end, we are only human. We are all human. And, we are one.