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Fairytale Murder Mystery Party

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

This semesters Murder Mystery Party was the best one yet! The Fairytale land city council gathered together to investigate the mysterious deaths of Pinocchio and Grumpy Dwarf as well as the disappearance of Prince Charming. Our club members really went all out with the costumes this time around and had a great time improvising as we studied clues to solve the murder. Villains and Fairytale royalty alike were suspected of foul play. While no one guessed the murderer correctly this round, we still had a ton of fun. 


Improv Night!

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

The English & Arts Club hosted an improv workshop with the help of Merry Vaughan and Sharon Dixon Obst. We started with some basics: never ask questions, don’t think too much, and never deny someone. The first warmup we did was to make sure we didn’t deny anyone. Someone would make a statement and the next person would say, “Yes and…”, to build off of their statement. This prevents us from saying, “No”, “but”, “although”, and other words that make it sound like we are saying the other person is wrong. This is important because the scene is NEVER going to go exactly the way you’d expect so you have to embrace other people’s ideas of where it’s going. Next, we tossed an invisible ball back and forth saying a word each time we caught it. This was to keep us from thinking too much. The goal is to pass the ball quickly so that you say the first word that comes to your mind instead of trying to think ahead. After this, we tried some games! We did a scene building game and played “Who’s coming to dinner?” Everyone was laughing and having a good time, even if we occasionally messed up by asking a question or disagreeing. To finish off the night, Merry and Sharon performed a game of “Triathalon” where Merry has to get Sharon to guess three very unusual scenarios without using any real words. One example was scuba diving in Maple Syrup with Justin Trudeau. It was a blast! They also mentioned a new improv club has started on campus and I might just have to check it out! 

Orestes: Blood and Light

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Yesterday the English & Arts Club attended Orestes: Blood and Light at the St. Scholastica theater. The stage setting was rather modern for a Greek tragedy, complete with working lamps and a couch that could be from ikea. It was a little confusing when some aspects were certainly modern, such as FBI like characters with guns, but other aspects were very Greek, such as the shrine to the God Apollo. I’ve seen several plays, typically Shakespeare, translated to more modern eras and I tend to prefer the classic route. Despite this personal preference, the actors put on a really great show of a story I was experiences for the first time. There were some classic Greek appearances I recognized, such as Helen of Troy, and new ones. If you’re a fan of drama and tragedy, definitely attend this show! I am thankful the theater continues to put on free showings for students.

Paint Swatch Art

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Tonight in English and Arts club we made a project out of paint swatches. I decided to do a bunch of cityscapes and it was a little hard for me to do any of that because we didn’t have any scissors so instead I sketched the design that I wanted out and cut and glued it when I go back to my apartment.


Plants and Poetry

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

The English & Arts Club hosted Plants and Poetry this week as a way to celebrate the beautiful Spring weather we’ve been having. We had different types of prompts on the board such as “Write a poem that includes the recipe for your favorite dish”, choose a title prompts (The Dinosaurs Demise), and photo prompts. In addition to Poetry, we had flower seeds for everyone to plant and take home with them. This is always a fun activity that’s different than the usual chips and cookies given out at campus events. I am excited to graduate but I will definitely miss planning fun E&A events!