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1st Week of Internship Complete

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

My first week of my first doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) terminal internship is complete. I chose to work “Four 10’s” during this 8 week internship in order to see how I liked that schedule. To be honest, it is exhausting, but rewarding.


What if You Couldn’t Read?

Monday, June 5th, 2017

Obviously if you couldn’t read, you probably wouldn’t know what message I just communicated in my writing. This was a topic discussed in my graduate courses this week. The courses have been focusing on why reading is important, how we personally use strategies in our reading, etc. I had to watch a video which – through written words – challenged us to not read anything for a day. It brought up several things wouldn’t be able to read: stop signs, prescription bottles, instructions, emergency signs, etc. My classmates and I also had to discuss how we read in our own academic lives. We were asked what strategies we used to make ourselves comprehend our reading. Many of us talked about highlighting or annotating our reading. I also suggested watching videos that take break down a topic for visual learners. I’m excited for what’s next! I feel like I’m actually learning stuff already.

Graduate Classes Have Begun!

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

This morning I received an email saying once of my online classes has opened up on Blackboard. Technically, the semester starts tomorrow, but I appreciate being able to get a head start. I took a look at my syllabus for “Reading in the Content Area” and was kind of shocked, because I had anticipated more work. Although maybe I am underestimating having to read typically 2 chapters a week, watch some videos, plus some reading responses. However, next year when I am taking summer classes, I know this amount of work will be a LOT, considering I will still be teaching for half the semester! I understand how people with families might feel overwhelmed. I am mostly nervous because during the last week, I will be in Washington D.C. with Upward Bound. This is all going to be about time management. My plan is to crank these assignments out Mondays and Tuesday of Upward Bound, then be “free” the rest of the week.

Starting Early on Those Books!

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

So the Masters of Education program does not start until June 5th, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get started on the reading! I ordered the books early so I can read them and take notes BEFORE Upward Bound begins. Here’s one of my books, “Lenses on Reading”. This one I bought, so I’m going to highlight the heck out of it. Surprisingly, the books were quite affordable. Actually, not that surprising, given my previous education professors have always kept in mind college students’ budgets. These books seem less textbook-ish and more helpful strategies, which I like. Updates will come!

Officially Accepted into Grad School!

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

I have known for quite a while that I will be starting the M.Ed program CSS offers, but up until today I was only provisionally accepted. I had to wait until my grades were posted for the full acceptance. I’ve also known for a while which classes I’ll be taking this summer and fall, but I couldn’t register for them yet. For a person like me who wants to get a head-start on everything *asap*, this has been making me anxious. This summer I will be taking “Foundations of Literacy” and “Reading in the Content Areas”. I will be working towards my certification in K-12 Reading and these classes will go towards it. I’ve already started buying the books, now I just want to get started!