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Start of a New Research Project

Friday, July 17th, 2015

After working on our research for chipmunks for a while now this summer, I have the opportunity to start an individual research project that stems from it. I have decided to do vegetation sampling around the areas we found that the chipmunks live in. I have been working on identifying every plant species found in a 100m square area around the hole they live in. This gives us the ability to compare habitats and see if the chipmunks have a preference of the vegetation they live in. Here is a picture of some of the plants I am working on identifying and the books I use to do so.


Fourth of July!

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

The fourth is always a fun holiday here in Minnesota. Last year I stayed in Duluth and worked at the golf course which was not too exciting, but this year I took the weekend off and went home. Home for me is on a lake, right in the best part of Minnesota- Lake country! There are lakes all around Minnesota though so every part is great. Living in Duluth during summer isn’t that different from the school year, you still try and find time to visit home for a few days here and there.

Jay Cooke

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Tomorrow me and a group of friends are going to go on an adventure to Jay Cooke State Park here in the Duluth area. It’s supposed to be sunny at 70 so I’m so excited for this. I have never been to this place before and am always up to explore Duluth! If you live here you need to take advantage of all the cool places Duluth has to offer or else you will miss out on the whole experience.