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This Is Crazy!

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Hello all! I am realizing more and more that my freshman year of college is coming to an end; I’m studying with a friend and she told me that we have 32 days (including weekends) left of school. I am in shock! This year has flown by and I can’t believe that it’s coming to a close so quickly. I have had so much fun here and have experienced so much! I still very much believe that this is the college for me, it’s home, it’s where I should be from now until I graduate. I am so thankful to all of my professors, the faculty and staff, clubs and groups here on campus, res life, the Sisters and all of the students that have contributed to this year of growth. As this year comes to a close I realize how much has changed in the last year, how much I have grown. I have learned a lot about myself and who I want to be, but also who I want to share my life with. This year I have made some incredible friends that I am hoping to keep for a very long time. I will be continuing to post for the next couple of weeks and then I will pic it back up in the fall!

Philosophy of Person

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Hello all, welcome to the second half of the 2016-2017 school year. It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve had to handle a lot of things. Either way I was able to manage an easier schedule this semester, starting with my philosophy of person class. This class circles around reading philosopher’s and understanding the means to which they proved their discoveries. This course focuses on critical thinking, which I’ve been great at over my time in school. The only thing that concerns me is the readings are quite hard to understand at first glance, I’d have to read it over and over again just to try to get what he’s saying. I took this class because I’m trying to minor in philosophy. Hopefully I’ll learn to love the course because it’s required for the minor.

First Week Over

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Celebrated the last first week as an undergrad with some Olive Garden! This semester I am taking just 15 credits, the lowest I have had so far. Although I have less classes than usual, they will still be challenging. Photography is a skill I have no background in. It will be a challenge to keep up with other students as some of them clearly have taken previous photography courses and are very familiar with their cameras. British Literature two will be challenging as it will be reading and writing heavy and I’ve heard the professor is a fairly tough grader. I am confident in myself, however, as I did fairly well in British Literature one and the professor teaching the class seems genuinely enthusiastic about the subject matter. Pre-Raphaelites will be challenging, too, as I have little background in the subjects we will cover. Bella Voce is always a great time but even that will pose some challenges as I learn new music, perform often, and complete new assignments that weren’t required in the past. It was good to get together with some friends and celebrate our accomplishments thus far and prepare for our graduation. Class of 2017! 

Physical Therapy 2nd Year Spring Semester Classes

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Beginning January 17, I will officially begin my final semester of “in-class” coursework in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at the College of St. Scholastica. It is a 3-year, 108 credit program, with the last year consisting of three 8-12 week internships. I already completed one 8 week internship in Fargo, ND at Sanford Medical Center and am set up to be in Vadnais Heights, MN at Viverant (July-Sept) and in Phoenix, AZ at Touchstone Rehabilitation (Sept-Nov), and one more unknown location in a rural setting. I am very excited about what is to come, but first I have to get through the spring semester that will include courses such as:


What happens after classes?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

You might have heard that in college you get challenged and you spend your days poring over assignments, preparing for quizzes and tests etc While college really does stretch your intellectual and emotional (I’d like to add psychological as well) muscles, it can be fun and worthwhile if you engage in extracurricular activities (think of them as professional hobbies). I am part of United for Africa, Storm’s Advocates, CSS Catholic, and Bro-Time (a guys fellowship group that meets every Sunday over cookies :)). Although my academics take up a good portion of my time, I try to make time to enrich my college experience by being part of student groups and organizations. I volunteer once or twice every week on campus and I try to learn something new every week. After classes, I normally go for work or attend a meeting before I start working on assignments or preparing for other classes. Welcome to college 🙂