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Online Microbiology Course

Friday, May 31st, 2019

Declaring my biology minor 3 semesters before graduating was problematic. It didn’t have to be, there were enough classes I was interested in that fitted the requirement, and I had enough empty space in my schedule to make it work. However, due to some last minute changes of staff in the biology department, I was left with relatively few options to fulfill all of my requirements. Fortunately, even though the presential microbiology course conflicted with my schedule, the professor (who happens to be the chair of the department) was extremely understanding, and offered me to take the course online!

Positive Psychology

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

As heavy as this title may seem, the content is going to be surprisingly captivating.

Prof. Lynn Kalnbach is on the Study Abroad China trip along with Prof. Patrick Spott with some of our CSS fellow students. Since then, the course taught by Prof. Lynn is being taken over by Julie Zaruba Fountaine & Jenessa Demers. In this week of classes, we are going to cover the S.O.U.L workshop under which techniques to reinforce positive psychology will be shared and encouraged to be practiced & further inculcated into life.


Experimenting with lectures

Monday, March 25th, 2019

As part of my bio minor, I have to take an intro to chemistry course. Usually, professors teach these courses  in large lecture halls acoustically designed to bombard you with information without giving you the chance to interact with the material. Fortunately, professor Krysta Riel is battling this poor custom and trying to get rid of one of the last classes The College of St. Scholastica still offers in lecture format. As a good scientist, she’s carrying out research to strengthen her position. This semester, she’s teaching the same class in lecture and interactive format. I (fortunately) happen to be in the experimental condition, which means that rather than sitting down and listening to her rapid-fire information at us, I am granted the opportunity to stop and think about the concepts we’re learning, and engage in constant interactive activities to consolidate the information. Gotta love research!

Biology with new Professor

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

This week, we have a new instructor for my Human Biology class – Rachel Portinga.

Besides being absolutely nervous to take a BIOLOGY course, that too with two different instructors in a single semester, I was quite shaky about dealing with different teaching styles. Have you also felt the same? When you seem to gel with and understand better when a certain instructor teaches a certain subject. Or even when a professor’s style simply doesn’t stick with you and everything seems to fly above your head. I just wanted to avoid being put into one of those situations.


Disability Mural Project

Thursday, March 7th, 2019


Today I met Mr. Peter at the Student Union. He was working on the grabbing Mural on the first floor in Tower Hall that. The Mural was opened and installed on March 05, 2019 on Duluth’s main campus. In order to support and encourage such a noble and thought-provoking art exhibit, the campus gladly welcomed and promoted the same.