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A Tale of Two Majors

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

There is something interesting about being a double major. Depending with what your two majors are, you can get a lot of stares, praises, how-could-yous, and other reactions that often come with choosing to study two or more majors! I know quite a lot of students who are studying 2 majors and a handful who are studying three (can count this species). Many double majors pick subjects that are either complementary or overlapping. Others go for subjects on opposite ends of the academic spectrum and these may not be directly related at all. I belong to the former group – the one who subjects overlap or complement each other. Most of the classes required for my Computer Information Systems concentration(Math) are part of my Math major curriculum requirements.


Choosing A Major

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The all too common question that friends and family members ask when you are in the midst of the application process/college search or even after choosing a college, “What are you planning on studying?”. It is a difficult question to answer as a high school student. Some things that I took into account were: What am I interested in? What brings value to my life? Where can this career path take me? What opportunities revolve around this specific major? Will it help to provide a financially sound career? Will this major set me up with appropriate pre-requisites for a graduate program?