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Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

I can hardly believe it but Equilibrium was my last choir concert ever. I’ve been in at least one choir every year for eleven years. Singing has been a stress reliever, a joy, and a grand adventure. It has taken me to Chicago, New York, Nashville, and beyond. I had originally not planned on continuing choir in college until I learned about St. Scholastica’s music scholarship. On a whim, I auditioned and was given an award to continue music. In Women’s choir I made friends and got out of my comfort zone. Encouraged by my director and friends, I auditioned for Bella Voce. Bella Voce has been more than a music class to me. It introduced me to some of my best friends, got me involved with social justice, and introduced me to knew people and perspectives. Thank you Bella Voce and Dr. Amundson for helping me grow.

Safe Haven Guest Speaker

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Today a representative of Safe Haven visited Bella Voces choir rehearsal to discuss the importance of healthy relationships and Safe Havens mission in preparation for the Still I Rise Concert on April 8th. These meetings are so important to the choir members because it reminds us who we are singing for and why our music matters. I have met several beautiful women who have spoken out about their own experiences with domestic violence as a direct result of their attendance or participation in this concert. Having a representative from Safe Haven speak not only prepares us for what is always an emotionally charged concert but also educates the performers so that we can be advocates for change. 

Alto Sectionals

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Every Tuesday the altos from Bella Voce get together for an extra half an hour to go over sections of songs we are struggling with. This is a time where everyone can voice their concerns and ask clarification questions on the things we are learning in class. These sectionals are student led although we sometimes have suggestions from our choir director on which songs to work on. Today, we are learning a new piece that was just introduced to us last week. This means sectionals is a lot of rhythm clapping and note finding. We are also getting ready for the upcoming Still I Rise Concert, my favorite concert of the year, on April 8th! 

Bring the Sing!

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

This morning was Bring the Sing with Minnesota Public Radio! This event marks the second Bring the Sing event at the College of St. Scholastica. The Mitchell Auditorium was filled with singers of all ages and abilities. We worked with Dr. Bret Amundson and Dr. Sarah Cohen on several musical numbers focused on the theme of Peace. This is my second time participating in Bring the Sing and I am always impressed with the musical selections. They are beautiful, simple to learn, and always tons of fun. Myself and the rest of the css choir members have spent about a week preparing for the event so that we were ready to answer questions and be strong singers in our sections. After a morning rehearsal, we performed a few of our collegiate pieces for the other Bring the Sing participants then had a short break before recording! All of the pieces we learned together were recorded and will be featured on Classical Minnesota Public Radio soon, so make sure to listen for us! 

Choir Tour 2017: Photo Gallery

Friday, March 17th, 2017

I’m so excited to be coming home to Duluth today! A ten hour bus ride is a long time that will be spent napping, playing games on my phone, chatting with friends, and watching a few movies. For now, here is a bunch of pictures we took this week!