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Talking with Professors

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

One of my favorite things about St. Scholastica is how approachable professors are. In fact, they all seem quite eager to engage in interesting, relevant conversations once prompted. Today, I went to the office hours of one of my professors to ask him some questions about an upcoming exam, and we ended up having a 2-hour long conversation about the chemical evolution of the universe, and whether humans have free will on the basis of us being product of such evolution. It was fascinating!

Chemistry Study Group

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

On Wednesday I have my Chemistry’s cumulative final exam. The breadth of the content encompassed in this test is quite extensive, but as always, the professor is offering a plethora of resources to succeed at it. Among them, is a study group. She’s volunteered to make herself available to students virtually all day Monday and Tuesday. She’s been sitting at the Benedictine Commons with a constant handful of students asking questions, and somehow, she’s as cheerful as usual. Speak of a professor invested in their students’ success!

Chemistry Cheat Sheet

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Today we had the last chemistry exam before the final. We have covered a lot of material this semester; the textbook encompasses general, organic and bio- chemistry, and we’ve studied the book from cover to cover. The last chapter dealt with Glycolysis, the Citric Acid Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain. These are all extremely detailed yet vital processes, so we were allowed to use one A4 paper as a cheatsheet for some of these processes. Of course, it had to be checked by the professor before the exam, but it was extremely helpful to not have to memorize all the enzyme names, steps, and pertaining chemical reactions in all of these processes. Although I should confess that in the process of creating the cheat sheet, I ended up learning most of it anyways!

DNA Extraction

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

For my chemistry class, we were offered some extra credit in exchange of doing a DNA extraction on our own. The course is divided up in general, organic and biochemistry, and we are finally getting to the final stages of the course. It is surprising to learn how simple extracting DNA can be. Apparently, you only need to blend the material from which you want to extract DNA, mix it with soap and alcohol, and you’re done! The white, sticky, silky stuff floating around is pure DNA. How cool is that? It keeps amazing me how applicable chemistry is!

Tasting School Brewed Beers

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Today, the first two groups in my chemistry of beer course presented the beers they’ve been brewing the last three months. It was an exciting moment that passed with no memorable instances, but I should note that while the beers were not outstanding (nor underwhelming, to be fair), it was interesting to see how, automatically, upon trying such a distinct flavor, my mind raced to explain the nuances of this beer with the knowledge I’ve acquired in class throughout the semester. The bitterness? Hops. Darker color? Must have to do with the boiling of the malt. etc. Without a doubt, my biggest takeaway from today is that experiential learning is impactful!