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Car Repair

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

If you are fortunate enough to have a car on campus whether you are freshman or senior, routine maintenance is likely a good idea and sometimes even necessary. No matter if it is getting your oil changed, tires rotated, new brakes and rotors, wheel bearings, shocks, struts, windshield wipers, etc. Duluth has some great local mechanics that are reliable and affordable. I’ve had a car in Duluth for almost 5 years now and I’ve also had my fair share of “tune-ups” and “fixes”. Every experience I have had has been a positive one. Duluth businesses often offer student discounts and are just happy to have you choose them. Conveniently located across from the College of St. Scholastica is Kenwood Muffler and Brake. They do a great job at getting your car looked at, estimated, and fixed all within a 24 hour period. Autobahn Service and Repair in West Duluth also does a great job at getting what you need fixed in a timely fashion with appropriate rates. I have also used TiresPlus and the Miller Hill Subaru Dealer and both experiences have been good. I hope no one has any car trouble, but if you do check out Kenwood Muffler and Brake or Autobahn Service and Repair to see what they can do for you to get you back on the road quickly and at an affordable price.


Sunday, January 24th, 2016

So when I went grocery shopping with my roommates, we came back to my car from Target to find that my key turned all the way in the ignition, yet not a single noise was made. Oh and my CD player spat out the CD. Weird, scary, and terrifying right? So we made it back eventually to Kerst. Friday night however, my roommate and I were cold and lazy and didn’t want to walk to the movies in Science. But my car would not start at all!!! My jumper cables are in my trunk, which can only be opened by the button in my car, but I’m not sure if the button will work because my battery is dead… I am a smart cookie. Currently in search of all my car friends to help me learn how to jump my car or give me a ride to get a new battery. When stuff like this happens, it’s nice you usually have friends with cars that can give you rides to the mechanics or know how to fix little things. However, trying to arrange a time when everyone’s not busy… That’s a problem.


Cons of Having a Car

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Today I went with my roommates grocery shopping. As the roommate with the car, I always end up having to round every one up to go run errands all at once. This can get super annoying and burdensome. Sometimes people give you gas money, but after a while they start to try to let it slide. Then, there’s always the people who know you have a car and want to know if they can tag along wherever, even though they don’t really talk to you. I’ve literally been turned into a chauffeur to Chilly Billy’s before and had maybe only one of the group talk to me. It’s frustrating and insulting to be used like that. Sometimes, people even ask if they can use your car! For some people, this isn’t a big deal, but for me, it is because I have put my own money into my car, which I can’t live my current lifestyle without. I have field experience, volunteering, and the overall freedom of my own vehicle. Another con is that you have to pay for a parking permit each year that’s $150. Also, most apartments you have limited parking nearby. The freshman have to park near the apartments, so the lots are always packed. Luckily, because Kerst is so far away, I always have a spot right across from my building. Like I said, I like my freedom, but it does come with side effects.