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Monday, May 13th, 2019

I am officially done with my thesis capstone! I submitted the paper on Thursday. Some concluding thoughts: it’s been a different experience, it’s satisfying to work on something for a whole year, I wouldn’t want the same project to extend any longer.


DPT Final Presentation

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

I gave my final presentation today on my case study that I have been working on for 8 months titled, “Upper Extremity Prosthetic Fitting and Training Utilizing the Touch Bionics i-digitsTM¬†for a Quadruple Amputee: A Case Report”. The presentation went really well. I am very passionate about this research project and felt that I was able to adequately express that to my audience of approximately 50. It is nice to see so much hard work pay-off and I must give thanks to my advisors, clinical instructors, and the patient for all of the assistance, dedication, patience, and support along the way.


Capstone Presentations

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Tomorrow I will be presenting my Doctor of Physical Therapy Capstone presentation. I have been working on this project for nearly 8 months and it is extremely exciting to be able to share with my peers my project. I chose to write a case report of one of the patient’s that I was fortunate enough to work with on my internship. Due to unforeseen circumstances the patient required life-saving quadruple amputation. My presentation will specifically discuss the in’s-and-out’s of the upper extremity prosthetic fitting and training for this patient. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to complete my own case report. Upon further review I plan to submit this paper to a scholarly journal for future publication – what a way to wrap up my doctoral work at CSS!


Good-Bye edTPA!

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

After countless hours, definitely some tears, and a whole lot of coffee, I can proudly say I’m finally done with my edTPA. The edTPA has probably been my biggest hurdle of college academics all 5 years (including PSEO years). CSS recommended for us student teachers to submit our edTPAs on Monday, but I just couldn’t finish in time! Pearson itself has sort of a rolling deadline for the edTPA and has certain submission dates to have scores back on other dates. Luckily for me, it wasn’t technically due until tonight! I powered through and finished my edTPA at about 3:30 am this morning. I got up for teaching at about 5:45. How am I still running? Great, great question. Once you submit the edTPA, you have to transfer it to Pearson from our school’s portfolio database. I got the email to do that this morning, so I checked everything over during lunch and hit that final “submit” button. It’s been confirmed and now I will be in anticipation until May 4th… *breathes*

The Beginning of the EdTPA

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Tonight the beginning of my EdTPA was due to send to my advisor for review. The EdTPA is this big thing that student teachers must do in order to acquire licensure. It involves a week of lessons, video recording of me teaching, and assessments. I had to submit the beginning works of it. I had to type up the Context for Learning, which is an explanation of what type of learners I have in my classroom and how my classroom uses curriculum, technology, resources, etc. It’s been taking a few hours and it’s making me nervous to imagine how much all the other pieces will take. I think I will be taking people’s advice and dedicated most of my weekends to this while equipped with coffee!