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Duluth Grill

Monday, May 12th, 2014



Solid Weekend!!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

So, not saying I was hung over this weekend, because I wasn’t, butttttt for those who do occasionally suffer from hang overs, my friend Julie taught me some helpful tips on how to get rid of them. She taught me that the reason people feel so queasy the next day is because we’re so dehydrated. She said forget drinking water and go for an un-caffeinated tea. (Caffeine also dehydrates you, so that would actually make it worse). She suggested red-zinger tea or a nice green tea. On top of that greasy food does wonders on an upset tummy. This is wear being in duluth comes in handy. Sunday morning/afternoon me and my lady friend went to Uncle Louie’s for brunch. If you haven’t been there yet; go. It’s so good and reasonably priced which is nice for college kids. She and I did some yoga in the wellness later that day to burn off some of those calories we consumed in the huge plates of food at Louie’s and finished the night off with the Super Bowl. It was a pretty BOMB weekend! Back to the daily grind…. Ciao!!!