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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Today is finally the day to stuff our faces and be with family!!! Happy Turkey to everyone!!! For me, our Thanksgiving varies in size from year to year.  The core group that is always present is my family, my mother’s parents and my mom’s brother.  Some years, we will get great uncles and their families in the mix, and sometimes we don’t really have anyone else but the core group, like this year.  My grandparents will be coming as well as my uncle.  We are having this lovely celebration at my house and it’s just a really good time to be with the family for the holiday.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter how big or small!!

Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Today is the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break.  There were a ton of people who didn’t have exams this week, so they even went home over the weekend. Those people are the lucky ones because they have a whole week off.  For me, I had exams both Monday and today, and classes that I couldn’t miss.  I get to go home in 2 hours max, and you guys have no idea how excited I am.  My puppy is at home and waiting for me, plus my family I suppose too.  I am mostly excited to get a break from people and all schoolwork and just spend time with my family while I’m home.  I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend at home or wherever they are!!

Graduate School Applications

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Even though it’s winter break a lot of seniors, including myself, still have work to do. Right now I’m working on applications to graduate schools. I am currently applying to Communication programs and I am pretty determined to go to school out of state. There are a ton of things to consider when applying to schools such as location, distance from family, credibility and flexibility of the program, available funding, the list goes on. As I’ve been considering the options, many of my professors have made a point to give me their own words of wisdom when applying for programs. One professor even suggested I consider an alternative program that he thinks I would do well in. All of this advice has been super helpful but also has made me a little worried of the big decisions to come. However, I know whatever I decide to do for graduate school, I’ll do my very best and learn as much as I can!

Duluth Weather

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Merry Christmas from Duluth, MN! While it is a white Christmas, it’s not the white fluffy stuff we all know and love. Last night we got a lot of rain so our windows, cars, and roads were full of ice when we woke up today. All day today it took turns snowing, raining, and hailing but that didn’t stop us for getting out and celebrating Christmas with friends and family. Duluth is definitely a place you need ice scrapers and warm clothes to survive the weather but it’s one of the most beautiful places to live!

End of Finals and Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016