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Easter Break Adventure

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

One of the perks of going to a Catholic school, is that you get an outstandingly long Easter break! This year, taking advantage of the warm weather, we went on a little camping adventure by one of Minnesota’s thousand (and something) lakes. I packed all my gear (including the tent I recently bought from Outdoor Pursuit in their last gear sale), and headed to the country side. We took the public bus, and then hiked to our camp site; it is quite convenient to have free public transportation in the Duluth area (courtesy of CSS)—we were able to just hike to our campsite from the end of the line! 



Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Last night we went camping. I recently bought a tent at the Outdoor Pursuit gear sale, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to go camping in the snow for a while. Now that it was barely below freezing and it had just snowed a lot last week, I found the perfect occasion! I was concerned the pads would not isolate us enough from the snow, but I found that for the most part they did. There was some condensation build up between the pad and the sleeping bags (which was to be expected), but the tent held up beautifully! I’m already looking forward to try it in a longer backpacking trip. For now, I can only say that being so close to nature is, without a doubt, one of my  favorite things about Duluth!

Outdoor Gear Sale!

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Outdoor Pursuit, an on-campus program dedicated to providing outdoor recreation activities, organized a gear sale that extended from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. They were selling much of the gear they bought in previous seasons either because they haven’t had the opportunity to use it enough to justify keeping it, or because they are looking to make space for new gear. Whatever the case, this grants students the opportunity to buy good quality outdoors equipment at a very competitive price!


Summer Bucket List

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Exactly one month from today I’ll be leaving Fargo and moving back to Duluth! I am so excited – it can’t come quick enough. One of my friends from Fargo went camping in Duluth this past weekend and it really made me miss the hills, trees, and vast beauty of Lake Superior. In a few days I’ll be heading to Duluth for cheerleading camp, so hopefully that will help my homesickness for Minnesota.