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Housing at CSS

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Now that my first year of college is coming to an end I have to think about where I will live in the fall. The College of Saint Scholastica has a two year living requirement. Your freshman year you are required to live on campus in Somers Hall (unless your parents live a certain distance from campus you’re required to live on campus). Somers Hall has dorms and suites available for freshman; dorms house 2 people and you share the bathroom (showers, sinks, etc) with the people in the same hallway as you, the suites house 4 people and the 4 of you share one bathroom and shower, but there are two sinks. For your sophomore year of college you are required to live on campus in the apartments. There are 7 apartment buildings on campus and they are broken up into two groups: the Bricks and the Back Apartment. Each apartment houses 4 people and you share a bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The apartments are very similar to the suites except in the apartments you have a kitchen. The Brick Apartments are the buildings closest to Tower Hall. There are 4 Brick Apartment Buildings: Willow, Maple, Birch, and Pine. The Back Apartments are the further away from Tower Hall; however 2 of the 3 buildings have 4 bedroom apartments instead of 2 bedroom (meaning you won’t have to share a bedroom with someone). There are 3 Back Apartments: Cedar Hall, Scanlon Hall, and Kerst Hall. There aren’t many differences between the 2 groups of apartments but I have decided that Cedar Hall is the building that suits me the best; however all of the buildings are taken care of and nice to live in, it is your personal preference.

Living in a 4 Bedroom On-Campus

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

This year I was able to live on campus in a 4 bedroom apartment in Scanlon. This was very exciting at first because I really wanted my own privacy and to rely on just myself for maintaining order in my room. Also I now don’t have to worry about snoring keeping me awake! One bad side effect I’ve already noticed is that my roommates and I already have a tendency to go straight to our rooms and shut the doors. We’re all kind of introverted and incredibly busy, so I know we need relaxation time alone, but it can also be kind of weird with such limited interaction. I’m hoping it’s only because we’re all exhausted from orientations!