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How To Study

Monday, January 29th, 2018

If you do a quick Google search for “study tips”, you will come across a plethora of ideas and examples to ace that tough class. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to find that much needed perfect study environment. Everyone has there own opinion on how to study and what works. In my experience, studying is an independent endeavor, in the fact that everyone has to find what works best for them. For me that means taking the time to familiarize myself with the material own my own by reading, reviewing powerpoint notes, and looking up any unfamiliar topics or terminology. After that I may get together with one or two people to review and go over any topics that may be more challenging or complex. I have found that if I get into a group for studying when I haven’t put in the time to understand the topics, it usually ends in built up stress, more questions than answers, and ultimately starting up from scratch the next day.


Final Countdown

Monday, April 11th, 2016

We have exactly a month until finals! I can’t believe this year is coming to an end so quickly… I think it feels even more drastic because I’m graduating a year early. I can’t believe that at this time next year, I’ll be finishing my student teaching and hopefully have a teaching position secured. Okay, not actually going to think about it, I’m fine at this point and don’t need more to worry about. All of my big final projects are over for the most part, besides a practice edTPA. I have a few exams for finals, but mostly I need to just work on finishing weekly assignments and packing up the apartment. This week I’m going to put all my extra energy into finishing these weekly assignments, so I won’t end up sweating about it with everyone else, running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. From there, I just have a summer class, work, and buying plane tickets to visit family to worry about for three whole months. Here’s to summer almost being here!