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Painting Critiques

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Today I had Advanced Painting. We started class of by critiquing one another’s paintings. I have just recently finished an Audrey Hepburn painting and I am currently working on a second one, a Walt Disney tribute. I really like painting famous people that I admire, so I haven’t really thought of a message behind my paintings. This totally arose in the critique today when my professor asked me what message I was trying to convey with my painting. It was definitely a “uh… uh…. I like Disney?” moment. My professor explained that there’s nothing wrong with just having a tribute painting that isn’t designed with the audience in mind, but I should start thinking of doing some paintings that convey meaning. This totally has stumbled me and I am still trying to find inspiration for my next painting… To be continued.

First Painting: Done!

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Today I finally turned in a painting for Advanced Painting! I was feeling very overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester and didn’t think I should stay in the course. So, I ended up taking my sweet time on finishing a painting. I ended up never finishing the first and just moving on to the next. I turned this in today and I feel pretty proud of my transitioning artistic style.

Starting to Paint

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

I decided to take Advanced Painting this semester. Not because I am majoring nor minioring, but because I enjoy art. Now that I am taking Advanced Painting, it is more of an independent study of sorts. We must create our own artist statement, along with 4-5 paintings. Normally, in Painting, we have to paint a certain subject or topic, I like that I’ve finally reached the point when I can “do what I want.” That being said however, I’m not even sure what I want to do yet! My class set up is also very interesting, but I think it’ll help me develop more on my own artistic thoughts. Painting overlaps with my Special Needs/Inclusion course, so I only attend about the first half hour of the class, then I go to Special Needs. Here’s to the beginning of my painting!