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Cross-registering classes at UMD

Friday, September 15th, 2017

CSS students are able to register for classes at UMD with no extra charges (within general credit/semester limits of course)! This is wonderful news to the ever curious and to those who want to get a taste of a big institution without actually attending one as a full time student. Several people I know have taken or are currently taking classes at UMD. I have heard so much about the differences in classroom settings and culture between CSS and UMD. I am hoping to attend at least one class at UMD and find out for myself how different or similar the experience is!

Why the CSS PT Program?

Monday, June 19th, 2017

I asked one of my good pals and now 2nd year DPT student at CSS, Matt Klein, “What are the top three reasons you love the College of St. Scholastica’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program?” His answers were…


My First Second Semeser

Friday, January 20th, 2017

This is my second semester of college total; my first spring semester, and I am very excited! This semester I am taking Dignitas, French 2, Development Through the Lifespan Psychology, Chemistry 2, and Biology of the Cell. I lucked out this semester when it comes to my schedule. One 8am class but then the rest start at 10am or later!! I’ve never had a better night’s sleep then I do now, knowing that the classes that I was advised to take and chose, allow for MORE SLEEP! Sleep is so important (and let’s be honest, it’s great!) especially when you’re involved with other things going on! For example, I participate in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus, along with the Yoga Sculpt fitness class! Working out my brain, my spirit, and my body requires a lot of energy, but I know that I will get it! I’m so thankful to my advisor for helping me make the decisions I needed to when it came to classes.


Resume/CV Update

Friday, January 13th, 2017

As I am working on  graduate applications, it’s time to update my resume/CV. This semester, I added my summer research project through the McNair Scholars program, my job position as a blogger and instagram handler for the college, and my Scholastica Leadership Award through Student Support Services. A CV is a little different than resume because it is longer and focused on experience most relevant to the realm of academia. My CV is about two pages in length right now but as I work on more research, create publications, and gain more work experience it will continue growing. A great resource on campus is the career services center. I sent my resume to Mary Anderson and she helped me convert it into a CV with a few format changes. In addition, I sent it to my mentor through Fuse Duluth. With input from both the academic and professional world, my CV will be ready to go for applications.

Book Hacks

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Get ready for the ultimate college book hack of the century: the public library! But seriously, over half of my books this semester were available through the Duluth Public Library downtown and a lot of people seem to forget that’s an option. Most textbooks aren’t available but almost all novels and a decent amount of supplemental material are. In addition to books, there are audio books, e-books, movies, and tons of events at the library and I love supporting it. Our public library even teaches people how to do taxes. WHAT!? I don’t even know what those are. Our Duluth Library is awesome because of awesome supporters like the Friends of the Library and the Duluth Library Foundation. I am a huge fan of both groups but I had the opportunity to work closely with the DLF through an internship. I got to build my resume and do awesome work promoting children’s literacy!