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    Shivani Singh

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    I’m a Management and Marketing degree student from Mumbai, India! I love sharing my stories and experiences at St. Scholastica!

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    Shivani Singh

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Job Fair Prep


Hopefully all of us!

I absolutely encourage each student to visit the Job fair. Even if you are a Freshman, I believe getting acquainted to Fairs and the atmosphere sooner will be instrumental. No need to have a resume or such (only for Freshmen)  just take stroll around, watch students make their pitch, note the way everyone is dressed . . . just observe people.

For all others, make sure you have seen someone at the career services regarding your resume, elevator pitch, etc. Also pick out or ensure an outfit you wish to wear. Buy, lend, borrow or you can access the Professional Clothing Closet here at school. Then, print more than enough resumes, proofread it one last time to check for any silly errors or printing issues.

After you have done everything that was required of you, here’s some pointers on what you should do:

  1. Proofread: Like everyone doesn’t emphasize this enough
  2. Practice: Rehearse your pitch, posture, outfit.
  3. Rest: Get a good night’s sleep in order to wake up fresh and calm
  4. Eat: Food first! Always remember that . . . No fuel, No run!
  5. Dress up: Put your best face on. Squeeze that gel out. Use that make up.
  6. Show up: Cold feet? . . . Warm’em up! Talk to yourself! Boost your own confidence. Listen to a Cardi B rap. Feel the energy.
  7. Chin up: Own the show. This is your time! Make that impression. Carry yourself like a Queen/King (don’t overdo it).

That’s how I go about it! Feel free to drop your strategy down in comments. Maybe I’ll improve with your suggestions. The Fair is going to be held @ UWS and it begins at 10 am and goes on until 2 pm. There will be shuttle service from CSS.

See you all at the JOB FAIR tomorrow.

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