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    Semaj Moore

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    I have a massive love of writing. I also have a massive love of experience, and amazing times with other people. Being heavily active on campus, I am able to be involved with different groups and their experience. I am excited to document my best times, and invite you to that experience.

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Homecoming – What We Should Hear.

Saint Scholastica’s Homecoming will be coming to us live this Saturday. The whole week is filled with exciting events, ranging from lip-syncing battles, to tailgate parties, and of course the Homecoming Dance itself. We also have our Homecoming Court event, where we crown our King and Queen. I am sincerely hoping my best friend turned basically sister, Emma Myles, wins her crown.

To the important stuff – music. There is no dance without music. Wait, let me rephrase. There is no dance without GOOD music. You see, I’m very critical when it comes to music, especially music you’re suppose to dance. Sometimes, I secretly wish I was in charge of all the dance music here at this college (a little egotistical, I know, sorry). It’s hard to DJ for a crowd, especially for a crowd that is just as diverse as CSS’. So, here is my list of what I personally think we should hear, or will hear this Saturday at this great dance of ours.


1. The Weeknd & Daft Punk – “Starboy”

So, I might actually throw a tantrum if I don’t hear this. If you have not heard this song, I’m not sure if we can be friends. But seriously, it’s like God took two of my favorite artist and said “let there be lit music”, and this happened. This song has a nice drum beat and piano rift that will make you move. The Weeknd has been rising to popularity, most people like him. As far as Daft Punk, they’re legends, ’nuff said.

2. DJ Snake & Justin Bieber – “Let Me Love You”

It’s really hard for me to dislike the biebs when he keeps recording songs like these. Songs like”Sorry”or “Company” are super good, but this song is amazing. DJ Snake is a great producer and Justin acts as a great counterpart. A heartfelt emotional dance song with a rather unique bass-drop. You will be forced to sing along. Guaranteed.

3. Desiigner – “Panda”

HOW COULD YOU NOT PLAY THIS SONG. Sorry for yelling at ya. This song was, and probably is the hottest song of the year. Some have grown bored with it, I still bang it. “Panda” is an amazing trap song that talks about the ownership of two cars, one white x6, one black x6, hence panda. Get it? Anyway, whether you like trap or not, this song has the ability to make anyone go nuts. Love this freakin’ song.

4. Rihanna & Drake – “Work”

So, it’s been 7 months since this song was released. Yet, I listen to this song at least once every week. This song will never grow old. Rihanna takes us to the Caribbean with her friend (or lover?) Drake. It’s the type of song that will make you approach your crush like “what’s up? you trying to dance or nah?” You will definitely see me moving it this Saturday if and when this song comes on. Probably my favorite song on this list.

5. Post Malone – “White Iverson”

I shouldn’t like this song as much as I do. But whatever right? I’m not sure if this song is as popular as I think it is, but I love it. It’s not an upbeat song, it’s a slow bop that should be played after a wild song. This is the song you listen to when you are driving back from a great party. Heck, this is the song you listen to when you are preparing for a party. When this song comes on, I just want to grab a mirror and Milly Rock to be honest…

6. DNCE – “Cake By The Ocean”

This is a song anyone can enjoy. Lead singer Joe Jonas jams out with his band mates in a song about….not sure. I have no clue what cake by the ocean means, so don’t ask. The song has a very upbeat tune, resembling a Bruno Mars song.

7. Chainsmokers & Halsey – “Closer”

This song will inevitably be played, I’d bet both my lungs on it. I sound bitter, because this song is okay-ish. Halsey is the only reason why I even care about this song but, I know most people love this song so it went on this list. If you ask me, I’d substitute this song for another Chainsmokers song called “Don’t Let Me Down”. Way better than “Closer”.

8. Drake – “One Dance”

Personally, I’m over this song. But, I’m going to dance to it. I don’t have a choice, it’s too catchy. Moving on.

9. Mike Posner – “I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)” 

I ain’t taking no pills nowhere but, this song is super lit. We haven’t seen Mr. Posner since 2009 or something like that, so it’s actually very nice to see him return. If you actually listen to the lyrics, it’s a sad song about bad decisions, and not knowing what you see in the mirror. But while Mr. Posner is sad, we are dancing our life away. I really really really want to hear this song. The remix is so good, almost no one knows what the original sounds like.

10. Coldplay – “Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb remix)” 

Seeb is a freaking beast. Another remix that’s a must hear. This song actually was the musical highlight of my entire summer. Again, I do not remember what the original song sounds like. This song should be played towards the end of the dance. You know what? This song should honestly be the finale of the whole dance. It’s that good. We HAVE to hear this.


So, I hoped you enjoyed my list. This weekend should be a great one!


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