• Pat Bigaouette

    Pat Bigaouette

    Class of 2011
    Chaska, MN
    Biology (Pre-Med)

    Pat's Bio:
    My name is Pat Bigaouette. I am a Senior Biology major. I run on the cross country and track teams at Scholastica. I currently live in Somers Hall as the Residential Advisor for Ground Floor North. Also, I am actively involved in Scholastica's theater program and hope to get cast in one of the four shows this season. This summer I conducted clinical research at Hennepin County Medical Center in the Emergency room. I also traveled to New York City to pick up a friend from school and, of course, saw the show "Wicked" on Broadway.

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As many of you may know, Humans vs. Zombies starts this week! This year is the second year that the event is being held on campus. Essentially Humans vs. Zombies is a really big game of tag. Because of the centennial celebration, the game makers decided to make the goal of the game to survive for 100 straight hours.

I decided to sign up for the game this year, despite being in “Pride and Prejudice” with several other game players. We’ll see how long I can last. For those who have not played before, here is some important information/rules on how to avoid the zombies and stay alive:

Objective: Survive!

The game will end if either:

  1. All Human players are turned into Zombies
  2. Some Humans survive all 100 hours AND complete the final mission



  • Must be a CSS student
  • Must have been registered by April 20th
  • Must spend at least 4 hours on campus each day
  • Must wear bandana at all times
    • On arm for Humans; on head for Zombies
    • Nerf gun and/or baled up socks
      • Guns cannot look realistic and hurt on impact
      • Guns must not be visible inside academic buildings
      • Socks must be reasonably clean
      • The provided note card with your ID number on it
        • Hand over your ID card to your assailant Zombie after being tagged
        • These are to help us accurately track who has been “infected”
        • Some form of time keeping device to be able to track Zombie stun times
          • Once shot, Zombies are stunned and out of the game for 5 minutes
          • Having a time piece will help players self-moderate the game
          • Have fun! Try and remember that at the end of the day you’re playing a GAME. Sure it may be intense, which is a good thing, but cheating only ruins it for other people

Calling in a Zombification:

  • Tag Human
  • Obtain their ID card
  • Either text humansvszombies@css.edu from your phone or email the same address from a computer
  • State your name and the ID number you have attained so you can receive credit for you efforts


Specific Boundaries:

-Kenwood Ave.

-Niagara St.

Rough Boundaries:

-The bottom of the Valley of Silence

-The invisible extension of Niagara St.

-Further West than any CSS parking

Don’t even think about it- OFF LIMITS!

-The Cemetery

-The fenced in area behind the Monastery or anywhere close to the Monastery that may be disruptive

-Construction zones

Note: people are working, studying, reflecting all over this campus.  Be courteous and try to avoid having game play conflict with the leisure of others. 


  • All indoor areas are “safe zones”
  • All gameplay will occur outdoors
  • Zombies must have two feet outside to tag a Human
  • Humans may stun Zombies from within a safe zone if the Zombie is outside of the safe zone
  • When a Human is tagged by a Zombie, the Human begins to “transform” and five minutes later will begin their tenure as a Zombie
    • Humans are encouraged to wear their bandanas around their neck during this time
    • Humans cannot assist either team while “transforming”
    • When a Zombie is stunned they should wear their bandana round their neck for five minutes to signal that they are temporarily out of the game
      • Stunned Zombies cannot assist their team by either pursuing Humans or acting as shields
      • Zombies cannot tag another Human until they have collected the ID card of a Human they just tagged

Assorted rules:

  • No bikes, cars roller blades, skateboards, etc. Must be on your feet.
  • Try and avoid getting too close to the streets


  • Scheduled events during the game in which the Humans will be required to complete a certain task
  • Penalties and/or rewards will be applied to participants depending on their attendance and level of success
  • Intended to get people out of safe zones
  • You will receive mission details through your email
  • Most missions will involve Humans achieving a goal but there may be Zombie missions…

Raffle Tickets:

  • Earn raffle tickets for completing missions, tagging humans, earning post-game titles (MVH, MVZ, etc.) or by finding them around campus
  • Raffle tickets will be used for a prize drawing after the game

Common Sense & Sportsmanship:

  • Don’t look for loopholes!
  • Don’t cheat!
  • Don’t take this too seriously!
  • Make it fun for everyone!
  • It’s a GAME!


Good Luck!


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