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    Malvern Madondo

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    I have heard that the average human being uses 10% of their brain's potential. Whether that's true or not, this blog is a mirror of at least part of my brain's functionality and activity. It is an outlet through which I share my experiences and escapades here at CSS. I hope that in between the mixed metaphors and rambling in my posts, you find something valuable. I have an overwhelming interest learning new things and expanding my horizons (which is why I am here). Wait, I just lost my train of thought... Welcome to my 'Pensieve' ~ thinking out loud..

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  • Malvern Madondo

    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

Religious Life at C.S.S


Students from different religious backgrounds and those who have none, will always find a home at CSS. Students for whom religion constitutes a large part of their life will find CSS a place to thrive in due to the various forms of religious life on campus. The Campus Ministry seeks to engage students from all faith traditions. If your faith is not represented on campus you have lots of support and opportunities to connect to other communities of similar faith especially in Duluth. Even if your faith is represented you are more than welcome to try out other religious traditions. CSS is quite close to the University of Minnesota Duluth and some students often go there (me included) to join with the religious communities there. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and have a great experience at another university.


In college, it is quite possible to be a student and uphold your faith, beliefs and traditions. There are quite a lot of organizations at CSS that exist to help you grow spiritually. Here are a few of such organizations:


Better Together is the interfaith education club of Campus Ministry. We hold events about every month that educate students and connect them with believers from different religions and spiritualities. We have had speakers from Islam, Judaism, Ojibwa spiriuality, Nichiren Buddhism and others. The Better Together student leaders and club members gather to:
-Inspire and cultivate personal growth
-Educate and mobile for social justice
-Provide opportunities for students to articulate their own spiritual, religious or non-religious beliefs (i.e. worldviews)
-Build interfaith cooperation among students, staff and faculty from different worldviews


Christian Student Community is an ecumenical Christian group. They provide for the college community a time to sing songs, hear inspiring speakers, grow in faith and build relationships with other Christians on campus. Once a semester, they coordinate an All School Praise and Fellowship, a chance for many students to meet up and worship God all together.Students of all Christian denominations are welcome to gather, share and work together toward a faith-filled community at CSS.

CSC strives to:
-Build and foster intentional community among Christian students
-Inspire and cultivate personal growth
-Organize dynamic and high quality Praise & Worship services
-Provide opportunities for students to learn about Scripture and Christian teachings
-Develop and empower faith-filled Christian leaders
-Plan and coordinate opportunities for students to grow in their faith through diverse types of speakers, prayer experiences, retreats and small groups (like Bible studies)


CSS Catholic has several activities which strive to serve students and grow in community. Adoration and Reconciliation are great opportunities to take time out of one’s week to make God a priority in prayer. They have College Mass which is a great way for our community to grow in faith together. They also have events throughout the year such as coffeehouses, retreats, a Teaching Mass, and a large array of events during Saints Catholic Week. They also have small groups such as Bro’s Night, where students have fun getting to know a small group of supportive peers.

Their focus is to:
-Build and foster intentional community among Catholic students
-Inspire and cultivate personal growth
-Organize meaningful Catholic Masses, Adoration and opportunities for Reconciliation
-Provide opportunities for students to learn about the Catholic Church (i.e. history, rituals, teachings) through speakers, retreats and small groups (like Bible studies)
-Involve students directly in experiencing the Mass by being trained as liturgical ministers (greeters, lectors, musicians & Eucharistic ministers)

V.I.T.A (Volunteers Involved Through Action)

VITA challenges students to make a difference in the world. The club’s sole purpose is to help students reach out to members of the CSS community, greater Duluth and beyond, through volunteer experiences and opportunities to learn about social concerns.

Some of the club’s functions are:
-To develop and empower faith-filled leaders
-Inspire and cultivate personal growth
-Maintain a campus food shelf
-Provide opportunities for students to volunteer on a one-time or on-going basis
-Build and foster intentional communities
-Plan, coordinate and lead trips, both domestic and international, for indepth service learning
-Educate CSS students on social justice issues and Catholic Social Teaching.

Additional Opportunities

Advent Vespers

Advent Vespers: Advent Vespers are St. Scholastica traditions which brings together people from all parts of our St. Scholastica community including students, faculty and staff, administration, and sisters. Advent Vespers takes place in conjunction with the December “Lighting a Tradition” ceremony. Both Vespers services are ecumenical prayer services including songs and readings of scripture and reflections.

Benedictine Friends

Get to know the women who started The College of St. Scholastica! Opportunities will be offered for social, spiritual and educational events with the sisters throughout the year. Students who want to get involved should sign up early in the fall. Stop by Campus Ministry for more information.

Big Questions Small Group

Want to ponder the big questions of life? You know, questions about life, faith, friendship, relationships, and the future…. Then give this group a try. Groups will usually be made up of students in the same class and gender along with two faculty/staff/sisters. These groups are meant for personal and spiritual growth and facilitated through listening, sharing and responding to others in a small group setting. Groups will meet once a month for about 2 hours, at a time that is convenient for all members. A meal will also be shared during this time. Groups form in the early fall. Contact Campus Ministry for more information.

Prayer Room

There is a room set aside within the Campus Ministry Center for individual or small group prayer. Anyone looking for a quiet place to pray may stop by the Campus Ministry Center anytime between about 8 am and 10 pm. All are welcome.



That’s all folks!!! 🙂

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