• Mike Foor

    Mike Foor

    Class of 2013
    Zion, IL
    Computer Information Systems

    Mike's Bio:
    I love to do "cool" things and by that I mean weird projects and such that interest me. For instance I made a violin my senior year of high school. I admit I'm a gamer and proud of it! Science and math have interested me all my life and more specifically computer science. I hope to one day be able to build robots that change the lives of people who have lost limbs. That's pretty much me in a nutshell but I'm sure you'll find out more as time goes on. =)

  • Bryan Chavez

    Richfield, MN
    Accounting and Finance

    Yael Ikoba-Ndjip

    Brussels, Belgium
    Accounting Major; Finance minor

    Kathryn McCarrick

    Saint Paul, MN
    Elementary Education

    Brooke Elvehjem

    Mora, MN

  • Shauney Moen

    Graduate Student
    Oak Grove, MN
    Doctorate of Physical Therapy

    Katelyn Gehling

    East Bethel, MN
    Exercise Physiology for Pre-Physical Therapy

    Halle Nystrom

    Graduate Student
    Fargo, ND
    M.S. Health Information Management

    Conrado Eiroa Solans

    Madrid, Spain
    Psychology Major, Biology minor

  • Jason Chavez

    Minneapolis, MN
    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

    Takudzwa Munjanja

    Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Health Information Management, CIS minor

    Laura Salazar

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Marketing and Business Management

    Malvern Madondo

    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Jin Baek

    Aurora, CO
    Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

    Shivani Singh

    Mumbai, India
    Management & Marketing

    Daniela Moreno Gomez

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Computer Information Systems and Finance

    Laila Zemar

    Casablanca, Morocco
    Biochemistry, Biology and Pre-med

  • Neena Koslowski

    Apple Valley, MN

Routine Maintenance?

Hey all! After being away from Duluth for a few weeks it feels great to be back! The first few days back are always fun but can be very stressful. I have been excited all summer to see where I would be living this coming school year because there were rumors that the building was being renovated… and it has been! The place is so nice! My new hardware for my computer came in and progress on the school’s news site is moving along! I can tell it’s gonna be another good year!

One project that I have been working on recently is refurbishing an old broken X-box one of my professors found. When I acquired the system it gave and E74 error and would not even boot the Dashboard (the menu for the X-box). E74 means that the people who owned it previously somehow overheated the system and some of the connections on the board were loosened. I overheated the system and reset the connections which solved the problem. The next problem I found was that the DVD drive was malfunctioning… so I opened it up and it looked like someone went in the drive and cut all the cables inside! Darn vandals >=(. The cables were an easy part to get my hands on so I got a few extra and replaced them. I wasn’t expecting it to work but it did! The drive works fine. All that’s left is clean and replace thermal compound on the CPU and GPU (or video chip) because it was overheated. With luck I think that this X-box can be saved!

As for tonight I am going to UMD to spend time with a friend of mine that I have known since high school. Tomorrow I am spending the weekend with one of the schools bands called “The Rock” and working their sound. Can’t wait =D

There’s so much happening right now! Never a dull moment!

PS: I’ll upload some pictures of the X–box later =D

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