• Jordan Milan

    Jordan Milan

    Farmington, MN
    Marketing, Business Communication ’01; MBA ’07, University of St. Thomas

    Jordan's Bio:
    Welcome to my blog page! I co-teach MKT 4500: BlueStone Ad Agency. Through this class, students work on marketing projects for local businesses and nonprofit organizations. It’s a great resume builder for students and helps them get real-world business experience. I also work in the marketing department here at CSS. I’ve lived in Duluth for over five years and love it up here. I hope my blog will give you a glimpse of all the cool things going on here at St. Scholastica and in Duluth.

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Art & Copy

The aim of the class I teach, BlueStone Advertising Agency, is to provide students an opportunity to gain experience working for an ad agency by working with clients from local businesses and nonprofit organizations on various marketing needs. This week I had students watch Art & Copy, a documentary that explores advertising and the people behind some of the most famous campaigns.

Kicking around the idea of going into marketing or advertising? Watch this documentary. I pull some nuggets o’ wisdom every time I watch it. One of the ideas that resonates with me each time I watch Art & Copy are ideas around moving people to act through emotion. The example given in Art & Copy is Nike’s slogan Just Do It. This is a slogan that does more than sell sneakers. It emotes courage, activity, dealing with things in your life that you’ve been putting off. It’s an inspiring, strong, succinct idea.

The other hat I wear here at St. Scholastica is in the marketing department. This idea of moving people to act through emotion is something I think about and apply in my job all the time. Deciding to go to college – and then selecting your college – is a huge emotional decision for many high school students (and their parents). My role is to get to the heart of why you should consider St. Scholastica and communicate that in ways that high school students and parents can relate to.

As a matter of fact, this blog is one of those tools to communicate the CSS experience directly from the students – providing an authentic first-hand point of view of what makes this college special. The stories that students share on this blog go beyond anything  I could put in a brochure. They get to the heart of the college experience, and what an awesome and life-changing experience it is. I’ve encouraged students to blog about the good and the bad, the exciting and day-to-day routine, and the friendships that have formed through their college experience. Real, emotional stuff.

I look back on my undergraduate experience as one of the best, life-changing times of my life. I’m proud that my job is to help other students find their way to that experience.


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