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    Hi, there! I'm Jin, and I am a passionate, talkative, dessert fanatic. Poems, good books, coconut water, and action movies make me happy. If we ever meet in person, you'll definitely hear me before you see me. You'll want to ask how many energy drinks I've had, but the answer will always be zero.

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Homecoming: Harry Potter Style

At CSS this year, homecoming weekend was all about the wizarding world of Saints. Professors dressed up as wizards and witches, some even carried around wands, much like the professors of Hogwarts.

People outside of the CSS community often refer to CSS as the “Hogwarts school” because of our beautiful and unmistakable Tower building that peers over the trees and is illuminated every night. Because of this, the Harry Potter theme for this year’s homecoming seems most appropriate.

Student Activities definitely didn’t miss any details when they decorated the Benedictine Commons in the Science building to look like the main dining hall at Hogwarts. There were floating candles all around our heads, the tables were covered in black candle holders, and drinks were served in black goblets from a bubbling concoction in a cauldron.

The popularity of the Sorting Hat ceremony was obvious looking at the packed room and long lines. The treats were Harry Potter themed, too, like magical pretzel wands, Quidditch broomstick chocolates cookies, Butter Beer, polyjuice potion, and so much more fun than I can describe.

It can only get better from here.

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